Youre More Likely To Lose Your Job By 2026 If Youre Working In One Of These 10 Disappearing Jobs | Latest News RSS feed

Youre More Likely To Lose Your Job By 2026 If Youre Working In One Of These 10 Disappearing Jobs - Latest News

6 Signs Your Man Is a Con Artist

These guys don't get away with all the stuff they get away with because they don't know how to work people. If the first time you met this man he seemed to be "too good to be true," then keep your eye... read more

Middle-Class Families Would Face Higher Costs, Worse Coverage Under Senate Health Bill

People who lose job ... these seniors and adults with disabilities due to the cuts under a per capita cap, as is likely, it would jeopardize states' significant progress in moving care for seniors and ... read more

Did the Couple Killed by Houston Narcs Know Who the Armed Intruders Were?

They did not even know the suspects' names before they charged into the house, where Tuttle and Nicholas had lived for more than two decades ... between the controlled buy and the raid. As for the dis... read more

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Why is TV viewership down?

Fewer people are watching the NFL on TV, and no one really knows why. The NFL Players Association admits that the trend is an obvious concern. The league has kept quiet, likely fearful that ... s fail... read more

Charlie Hebdo fallout: Specter of fascist past haunts European nationalism

But the more telling event ... radicalize the middle and working classes. Today, a new generation of leaders on the right has seized on Europe’s economic malaise to argue that the real culprit is Isla... read more

The Hidden Message in Pixar’s Films

Now, this is not your standard “Disney movies hide double-entendres and sex imagery in every film” hidden message. “So,” you ask, incredulous, “What could one of the most beloved ... People love these ... read more

Beedi industry's child workers trapped in economic slavery

For anything between 10 and 14 hours, regardless of how long it takes, Aliya’s mother and others must all roll at least 1,000 beedis to earn a paltry sum of less than $2 a day, paid by the middleman. ... read more

The Cult of the Selfish

It is, however, exactly what the cult of the selfish is ... laid off has no one to blame but himself, not a crash on Wall Street, not the failure of a CEO to properly market products, not a technologi... read more

Toxic Cats and Dogs

The analysis, released by the Washington-based Environmental Working ... report raises more questions than it answers. Is this added chemical exposure having a meaningful effect on pet health? More im... read more

Ask HN: Do I have to go through recruiters nowadays, how do you find new jobs?

I posted on the Who wants to be hired thread last week. I have received a ton of recruiter spam, all saying "We have the perfect position for you". I quickly realized they say that to everyone. I'd ra... read more

American business needs immigration reform

One thing the overwhelming ... and potential to do more — to grow more, innovate more, hire more, and contribute more to America’s economy. But to do it, they need the ability and access to hire the r... read more

‘Je suis Charlie’? No, You’re Not, or Else You Might Be Dead

One of the spontaneous social-media reactions to the Charlie Hebdo massacre today was the Twitter hashtag #JeSuisCharlie ("I am Charlie"). It's an admirable sentiment, resonant with the classic post-9 ... read more

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