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Windows And Linux Malware Linked To Chinese Ddos Tool - Latest News

Windows and Linux Malware Linked to Chinese DDoS Tool

Similar-looking malware targeting both Linux and Windows computers has been linked to a DDoSing toolkit sold by Chinese hackers via the ddos[.]tf service, Malware Must Die! reports. The malware, coden... read more

The rise of the Linux botnet

This is the first time that Kaspersky DDoS Intelligence has registered such an imbalance between the activities of Linux- and Windows-based ... lead malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab. "These factors ma... read more

Do you still need a firewall?

Find out how 4 deception tools deliver truer network security ... The most common scenario is to stop an unauthorized person or malware program from connecting to an unprotected or vulnerable listenin... read more

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What killed the ransomware gold rush?

If malware that holds files for ransom ... ransom to cyber criminals after falling victim to a Linux variant of the Erebus – a rarity given that the vast majority of ransomware targets Windows. After ... read more

XOR DDoS Botnet Uses Compromised Linux Machines to Launch 150+ Gbps Attacks

... observed in the wild in September 2014 by the Malware Must Die group. The botnet is different from other similar tools because it targets computers running Linux, instead of Windows, as most DDoS ... read more

Brit behind Titanium Stresser DDoS malware sent to chokey

carried out 595 DDoS attacks against 181 IP addresses, including his own college, West Herts College, having written Titanium Stresser all those years ago. He went on to rent the use of the malware to ... read more

A year later, no action from Chinese company whose insecure PVRs threaten all internet users

It's been more than a year since RSA's Rotem Kerner published his research on the insecurities in a PVR that was "white labeled" by TVT, a Chinese ... DDoS attacks. Nicknamed Amnesia, this new malware ... read more

Malware-infected IoT devices used in massive DDOS attack

These devices were made by Chinese ... Linux servers. “With the recent and frequent introduction of new Mirai variants, we expect continued DDoS activity from Mirai botnets. The structure of these bot... read more

South Korean Universities Targeted by PinkStats Malware

A Chinese attack tool ... DDoS [distributed denial-of-service] attack against South Korea's critical infrastructure, PinkStats seems to be the first real proof that Chinese-speaking adversaries are in... read more

WikiLeaks: CIA analyzed Russian and Chinese malware to inspire its own hacking and surveillance tools

Dating from late 2014 and late 2015, the documents show how the CIA, through Raytheon Blackbird Technologies, monitored malware in the wild to ... at the HTTPBrowser remote access tool (RAT) developed ... read more

FBI: New Malware to Spur More Large-Scale Cyber Attacks

"Despite certain groups claiming responsibility in open source, the FBI does not have any confirmation of a group or individuals responsible for the DDoS ... that use the Linux operating system, an op... read more

Obsolete – and IP-baring – Anon tool linked to feminist blog DDoS

tool was used to pull off the assault. The utility was popular in the early days of Anonymous but it soon emerged that by default it betrayed the IP address of users, a factor that led to a number of ... read more

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