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Will Self Driving Cars Mean the End for Motorcycling?

For techies out there, it may seem evident that the self-driving car promises unparalleled levels of safety for the 1.2B car commuters out there. We are in dire need of a solution to reduce the > one ... read more

How Self-Driving Cars Will Avenge the End of Net Neutrality

No one has outside of some bar talk among transportation experts, and I don't mean the self-driving ... equilibrium another time.) At the end of the day, we're all in it together. For now. Once Level ... read more

Will Self-Driving Cars Spell the End of the American Road Trip?

Meaning: Google doesn’t necessarily envision us owning these cars. It’s possible that self-driving cars will enable a world in which we all get around by robot taxi. A world full of robot taxis could ... read more

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5 Autonomous Cars Trends Everyone Should Know About In 2019

Just a few short years ago the idea of cars ... mean it’s now close to becoming a reality. Every major automobile manufacturer is heavily investing in self-driving technology, and 2018 saw many pilot ... read more

People Vs. Self-Driving Cars

If you’re a screenwriter—or a car ... a simple end point. Fig. 2: Falling asleep at the wheel has new meaning in Volvo’s concept robocar 360c. Source: Volvo “We don’t think it’s going to be anything l... read more

Apple’s Autonomous Car Apparently Only Works For Almost a Mile at a Time

This all depends really on how you want to define self-driving, which to me and any other human means a car that “drives itself,” meaning the ... up to 500 by the end of the year, with users ... read more

Paving the Way: Valley transportation network gearing up for an uncertain future

That could mean spending millions of dollars — if not billions ... While the public may be expecting self-driving cars soon, transportation experts say it will be a while — from both the auto manufact... read more

'Project Titan' self-driving car could be summoned and paid for on an iPhone

Apple is looking at ways to have an iPhone to unlock and pay for a 'Project Titan' self driving car, a feature that could ... at the remote device end to confirm a person's identity. read more

GM: Self-driving cars are our next big thing

General Motors said Thursday that by the end of 2019 it will be mass ... GM is already manufacturing self-driving Chevrolet Bolt EVs in relatively small numbers on an assembly line in Michigan. The ca... read more

No, Elon, the Navigate on Autopilot feature is not ‘full self-driving’

“Full self-driving ... self-driving,” and they take that to mean they don’t have to pay attention when Autopilot is engaged. And that’s when we get idiot stunts like when a driver in the UK jumped int... read more

Self-Driving Cars and the End of Car Ownership

Talk of self-driving ... or car-sharing services that give consumers access to vehicles on demand. Given the choice, people will rent instead of buy, Farhi believes. "The average car is about four per... read more

The Ethical Quandary of Self-Driving Cars

Does this mean that ... So perhaps self-driving cars should be programmed to choose crashes where the occupants will probabilistically suffer the least amount of harm. Maybe in this scenario you shoul... read more

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