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Why your oven smokes (and how to fix it)

Here are some reasons why your oven might smoke and how to fix it. New ovens tend to smoke or have an unusual smell when you first start using ... If so, call your gas company to see if your home's ... read more

Why Your Home Stinks and How to Fix It

From fried fish to a filthy litterbox, most smells in your home are fairly easy to pinpoint. There are, however, more insidious aromas that linger and seem impossible to eliminate, no matter how many ... read more

Why Mobile Voice Quality Still Stinks—and How to Fix It

But try calling your ... why VoIP calls can sometimes sound great one minute and poor the next. In general, the quality of VoIP services has gotten better in recent years as broadband speeds have ... read more

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Houston trash pickup stinks. Here’s how to fix it. [Editorial]

No one seems to be asking the most obvious question: Why do we have such an aging fleet ... A solution right under your nose. What do you think? Smells good to us. read more

Feeling Lonely in Your Relationship? Here's What to Do About It

Whatever the culprit, here, a few experts explain why you might be feeling this ... figuring out what may be damaged in your relationship and how to fix it, Brown says. And if you need a little ... read more

Realtors tout home listings without popcorn ceilings. Here's how to get rid of the outdated eyesore if it's in your home.

These eyesores are staples in many old homes and, therefore, star in many home renovation shows. So why do these ceilings exist Where did ... Jared: Popcorn ceiling texture is a spray that's applied ... read more

Here’s why gym clothes smell so rank—and how to freshen them up

All of this begs the question: Why ... smell. Without stink, people are willing to be more social and hang out with friends after yoga class, not go home because they’re stinky and embarrassed.” There ... read more

The 5 most expensive home repair costs and what you can do to avoid them

According to Dan DiClerico, a HomeAdvisor expert, the average homeowner spends close to $7,000 on home improvement throughout the year. “That’s why preventive maintenance is key — basically taking ... read more

Four things that changed my laundry game after doing laundry at my friends' home

The Whirlpool machine served us well and probably only generated one repair visit in its long life ... verbena and OxiClean White Revive brightener. Why was there such a difference? As the years go by ... read more

Spring Home and Garden: Fast action is required for water damage

Experiencing water damage in the home is time consuming and can be costly to fix. Thankfully ... Pay attention to musty smells or stains appearing on ceilings and walls and investigate the source. • A ... read more

Why your neighbors hate your pet and how to fix it

It’s possible you don’t even realize just how annoying your animal is to your neighbors, so let me fill you in on four reasons why your ... How to fix: First, are you even aware your dog is barking? ... read more

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