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Why This Professor Of Time Argues Achieving Worklife Balance Is Impossible - Latest News

Sweden’s surprising rule for time off

The couple began by running the venture in their spare time. But according to Cagin ... is actually for me’,” explains Ingram Bogusz. She argues that Sweden’s entrenched focus on work-life balance is ... read more

The Critical Steps to Integrating Work and Life

Friedman, founding director of the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project and a practice professor of management ... sat down with Friedman to discuss why the phrase “work-life balance” has to go, and ... read more

How the Gender Pay Gap Widens as Women Get Promoted

The gender pay gap widens as women ... professor Erin Reid, points to one possible reason for this discrepancy. “Reid found that women were far more likely to seek accommodations or ask for greater fl... read more

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Can You Have It All? Talking About the Atlantic Piece That Everyone Is Talking About

The whole how-can-women-work-and-parent-well-at-the-same-time is not exactly a new conundrum, but clearly something about this piece, written by former State Department official and current Princeton ... read more

What Do We Give Up When We Become Freedom-Seeking Entrepreneurs? A Lot, Actually.

Which raises an obvious question: If so many people want to work for themselves, why don’t they ... The elusive goal of work-life balance becomes even harder to achieve when a part of you always feels ... read more

5 Must-Read Books for Remote Teams and Leaders

Website: http://davidrock.net/books/ With a subtitle like “Strategies for Overcoming Distraction, Regaining Focus, and Working Smarter All Day Long,” it’s pretty clear why the concepts ... but there g... read more

Podcast: How to Avoid Five Common Career Pitfalls

Carter Cast, a clinical assistant professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at ... Between stretching your skill set for a promotion, finding the right work–life balance, and standing up to that pu... read more

How to Stay Married

At the same time, new evidence keeps piling up that few things are ... Men are beginning to step up at home and value work-life balance almost as much as women. But recent scholarship has reinforced t... read more

The United States of Work

In Private Government: How Employers Rule Our Lives (and Why We Don’t Talk About It), Elizabeth Anderson, a professor of philosophy ... Individual efforts to achieve a better “work-life balance” for o... read more

What the Happiest Two-Career Couples Are Doing Differently

Even for single people and sole breadwinners, work-life balance can sometimes feel ... find more solid footing than either could achieve alone. The optimistic quest for a shared, equal foothold helps ... read more

Why You Shouldn't Try to Balance Work and Life

Still trying to figure out how to balance your work life with your home life ... You say you don’t care about achieving what a rock superstar or First Lady has, you’d just like to get home from the of... read more

Our Favorite Books of 2018

Great leadership also involves positive role-modeling: being honest, kind, empathic, and trusting; allowing time for play and rest ... learning may be the path to less burnout, more work-life balance, ... read more

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