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Why have Democrats become so hysterical?

What has happened to the Democratic Party? This historical organization has become quite hysterical of late. A Gallup survey revealed recently that more than half of its rank and file now have a favor... read more

What Democrats Have Become

So it is with ... Harvey Weinstein, Democrats and progressives finally have found a weapon against which there seems to be no defense. It can be used to exterminate political enemies. If one unprovabl... read more

Why status of Kavanaugh confirmation process could become more clear on Friday

So ... s why the Senate could be in session next weekend or the confirmation fight could even spill over into October. It wasn’t that long ago it was thought that moderate Democrats facing competitive ... read more

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Brett Kavanaugh’s unlikely story about Democrats’ stolen documents

Since you’ve worked up here for so long ... possible that Democrats leaked Biden’s tentative plan not to attend Owen’s hearing, it’s not clear why any Democrat would want to share this information wit... read more

Guest Column: Why Delco Republicans are so nervous

The Democrats on County Council, immediately after joining Council, won the right for all to watch the Council meetings on tape. They continue to shine a light on the pay-to play rules that have gover... read more

Letter: Why is union support for Dems almost religion?

So why is union support for the Democrats ... Connecticut became less and less competitive with other states. Between businesses leaving or downsizing operations in Connecticut and citizens leaving fo... read more

Senate Republicans are playing straight into Democrats’ message about Brett Kavanaugh allegations

“Why ... so there is no reason for any further delay.” Ford’s allegations — which Kavanaugh has unequivocally denied — seemed as if they could upend his confirmation. Instead, it’s led to a replay of ... read more

Democratic Senator: We Could Have A SCOTUS Vacancy For A Couple Years If We Derail Kavanaugh

said Democrats ... Why didn’t she come forward sooner? Why wasn’t this brought up during the hearings? Maybe it’s because that’s how thin the allegation is—and because it’s so thin ... read more

Why Vote for Democrats?

Republicans, meanwhile, have campaigned on so-called “old-style” values ... Our social safety net must become responsive to the times, and its Democrats that can be counted on to safeguard healthcare ... read more

Gorsuch hysteria on the left: Here's the real reason why Democrats have been so partisan about Trump's pick

Some ask why Democrats ... Courts have increasingly become legislative bodies prone to essentially rewriting the law. As hard as it is to believe, before about eighty years ago it wasn’t that unusual ... read more

“There’s Been a Slightly Hysterical Tone About Race”

I think our disagreement is just over how to do that and why the Democrats ... so focused—even in the past three years, America hasn’t changed that much. We had the problem before, we have the problem ... read more

Letter, 8/31: Democrats have strayed from God

If these Democrats are so smart, why didn’t they have this country so fantastically great when history shows they held full control of the House and Senate for all but six years between 1957 and 1997? ... read more

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