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Why Democratic Socialists Arent Afraid To Call Themselves Socialist Anymore - Latest News

Why Democratic Socialists aren't afraid to call themselves "Socialist" anymore

For generations, American mainstream politicians have smeared socialist movements by equating them with Stalinism and other forms of authoritarianism, but today, "socialism" is a label more and more p... read more

Judge Jeanine: The rise of socialism

And expect more hard left Democratic candidates to run. Even Obama's cradle to grave fictional ad called "The Life of Julia" suggests an anti- capitalist socialist framework. And for those of you who ... read more

Michael Moore Won’t Give Up On America

Do you think the Democratic Party is salvageable? No, I don’t want to salvage it. I want to bury the existing Democratic Party, and I want to have it resurrected by the people. They call themselves .. ... read more

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Anti-American Party in Power vs. Whom?

Despite the reality that socialism and communism have failed everywhere ... To no surprise, the politicians aren’t worried about the people at all anymore. Like it or not, only one political party has ... read more

President Trump Ranted For 77 Minutes in Phoenix. Here’s What He Said

(APPLAUSE) TRUMP: And just so you know from the Secret Service, there aren’t too many people outside protesting ... no vision for the country other than total socialism and maybe, frankly, a step beyo... read more

Why Liberals Lie About What They Believe

Whether you call it communism, fascism, socialism, liberalism ... liberals is whether supporting or opposing that policy makes them feel good about themselves. This is why liberals continue to support ... read more

Lynne Patton responds to Omarosa audio tape

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) PHIL DONAHUE, HOST, "PHIL DONAHUE SHOW": When you see the greed and the concentration of power with it, aren't you ever -- did you ... to conservative populism is Democratic sociali... read more

A big hunk of Bernie love as DNC chair booed, booted: #CF100 Convention Watch

By "it" did she mean the DNC's mockery of the democratic process? If so, agreed. "I look forward to your votes during the roll call tomorrow night ... all of whom are not afraid of the word “socialism ... read more

Why The No-Speed-Limits Autobahn Could Go Away: A German Perspective

And when you look at it closely even the positive stereotypes aren't exactly friendly ... or less intentionally a democratic spirit which could be misused to distinguish Western Germany and it's democ... read more

Hillary Clinton campaigns in Coral Springs as poll shows she's slightly ahead in Florida

"And I'm undecided about market socialism versus capitalism ... "Donald Trump offers a difference," Fiol said. "That's why both establishments are against him." On the conference call with reporters, ... read more

Transcript for May 22

Deficits in the long run aren't good for the country ... "Outside or in the House, I am a Democratic socialist." DR. DEAN: Well, a Democratic socialist--all right, we're talking about words here. And ... read more

Take The Left’s Race Card, And Shove It In Their Faces

Frankly, if I had a black wife, Hispanic children, and Asian parents, they would still call me racist. There’s no opportunity for civil dialogue here. There is no interest in facts or evidence, either ... read more

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