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Why Breaking Rules Is Great If You Dont Need To Cut A Deal With Anyone Ever - Latest News

12 Golden Rules For Asking Women Out

If you feel like you need a little help in the dating department, these 12 golden rules for asking women out ... approach by text couldn't work. In short, don't say or do anything online that you coul... read more

Think pies are too fussy? A rustic galette is just as impressive - and far easier

I don’t have to deal with cajoling the ... But with these rules in mind, anyone can master the art of the open-faced tart. So, to aid you on your own journey of discovering this pastry’s ... read more

The Research-Backed, 3-Step Method to Hack Your Brain, Break Bad Habits, and Make Better Decisions

Have you ever felt that you're an unwilling ... What if the driver's actions were unintentional? Don't I make mistakes while driving? How would I want another person to act if I mistakenly cut them of... read more

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8 reasons why your daughter should be allowed to play rugby

That's two 40-minute halves with a very brief break for half time. Once a player is out they are out for good ... (and if you don't believe that they do, go watch a women's rugby game). We all play fo... read more

Freezer bags are the secret to eating well on your next camping trip

Ideally, your food will fit three criteria: It must taste good, cook fast, and not require too much precious stove fuel. That’s why ... cut toothbrushes in half to save an ounce or two. This cooking m... read more

Q&A with Congressional candidate Mike Levin

I don’t ... cut against any kind of bipartisan support ever in the history (overtalking). LEVIN: It’s tough. I understand why they did it. They certainly didn’t consult with any of us about it. You kn... read more

12 IT Processes to Avoid Server Failures and Client Headaches

However, the benefits don’t just stop ... So (with a good enough backup process), why shouldn’t you be able to take advantage of this cheap, lasting and incredibly reliable backup method? Or perhaps y... read more

A Design Engineer Explains Exactly Why Your Car Is So Boring

Cars would look great if you could ignore aero implications. Don’t forget pedestrian safety standards too, that’s a big one. Now this is the group you can blame for those blank buttons and switches yo... read more

The NFL doesn’t care about rushing or running backs and neither should you

Especially since the offensive linemen aren’t very good ... you don’t have those things, why are you drafting McCaffrey and Fournette and Barkley? And then if you do have those things, then your offen... read more

Help! I Pulled Strings to Get a Relative an Internship. It Was a Huge Mistake.

He cut ... that you don’t like talking about your old job is totally understandable, but it’s not a good reason for lying about me and putting me in an uncomfortable situation. You need ... read more

Litecoin: Why I Like It

If you ... a good entry point? That's hard to say because Bitcoin is highly volatile. It's quite possible that it will trade significantly lower in the near term. However, I don't know why anyone ... read more

Dungeons & Dragons: The 20 Most Powerful Creatures, Ranked

You don't want to try and take on an atropal in melee combat, as it constantly projects an aura of negative energy that drains ten levels from anyone who approaches ... meaning that you quickly need t... read more

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