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Why Are We So Passionate About The Smiling Poop Emoji - Latest News

Why Microsoft's Poop Emoji in Windows 10 Doesn't Smile

Microsoft itself tried to revamp the emoji ... the poop emoticon is “a pile of feces,” as BI writes. So Microsoft's poop emoticon has no face because the company simply wanted to stick to the default ... read more

The Emoji Movie is a Smiling Pile of Poo

As he tries to formulate a reply, we zoom in to his phone to see the city of Textopolis. In this world, each emoji has to be their one “thing” their whole life. Crying emojis need to always be sad, la... read more

Why poop toys for kids are flying off the shelves

“I’m calling 2018 the year of the poop ... so directly on the matter.” Some experts believe retailers got a push from the popularity of the smiling poop emoji on the iPhone, which was prominently feat... read more

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Unicode: A story of corruption, connection, and smiling poo

Some of them in passing, as if to say, “We all know about ... can sell to people.” So you can thank Apple for that knowing smirk on the pile of poo. A screenshot of the emoji data chart from the Hidde... read more

Smile, You’re Speaking Emoji: The Rapid Evolution of a Wordless Tongue

This feature proved so popular ... But why is the pile of poo smiling?” would be the next logical question. Before we answer that, you may want to buckle yourself in, because we’re about to toboggan d... read more

T.J. Miller and Emoji Movie Director Talk Poop Jokes & Hard Laughs | EXCLUSIVE

Each Emoji has a distinct personality that fuels their dialogue. Patrick Stewart costars as Poop ... always has to be smiling while doing her delivery. It could be grating, but it's really funny. I ju... read more

Say It With a Smile: Is an Emoji Worth a Thousand Words?

They did a story about how certain biomes that come out in your poop can indicate [the state of] your health. They used the smiling ... emoji, you’re not really participating in the creative part of t... read more

8 Reasons You Should Take Emoji Seriously

To prove our point, we present eight notable reasons why we think you can give and receive emojis with a straight face. You may think very little of the smiling poop messages you ... convey their feel... read more

Are we about to reach peak emoji?

It had to happen: Emojis have gone so mainstream that Hollywood ... pay is “sh*t,” don’t hide behind a smiling pile of it in your communication. The next time it seems appropriate to use the poop emoj... read more

How emoji became a whole new digital language

The pizza, the strawberry, the smiling poo: emoji are ... not a problem. ‘We don't always know what they mean as people not from Japan so we give them our own meanings. Now we have an entire language ... read more

Michelle Wolf wants you to stop pretending you're happy: 'Even our poo emoji is smiling!'

“Even our poo emoji is smiling!” she exclaimed. RELATED VIDEO: Remembering Anthony Bourdain’s Life and Career “It’s alright to admit that life is terrifying and we never know what is going to happen n... read more

Unclog Your Toilet with the Poo Emoji Plunger

Why not class up the place with a Poo Emoji Plunger? Well, not really, since what we are talking about a smiling pile of poo ... just waiting for his next big job. And he looks so happy about it. Whic... read more

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