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Why the US health system still prioritizes fax machines: 7 things to know

Fax machines account for 75 percent of all medical communication, according to a report by Vox. While most industries abandoned the use of fax machines to transmit data during the 1990s, the medical ... read more

Why Are Fax Machines Still a Thing?

Fax machines are actually kind of amazing when you think about it. No, really, bear with me for a second and think about what a fax machine does: You take a physical, hard copy document and send it ... read more

Britain just called fax machines 'archaic' and 'absurd' — so why are Americans still using them?

there are even more that are still being used around the United States. Last year, fax machine usage stayed the same or continued to grow in 82 percent of the large organizations surveyed by ... read more

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The history of the fax machine (and why it's not dead yet)

but people are still using the fax machine and businesses are still finding it useful." So why is it so persistent? The answer might be found in the international history of the fax, which helped ... read more

Fax Machines Are Still Everywhere, and Wildly Insecure

It's tempting to think of fax machines as a relic ... Fax is always sent unauthenticated, it’s a design thing, so no matter what you do I will still be able to send you this fax." For institutions and ... read more

The Fax Is Not Yet Obsolete

“They said, ‘Our fax machine is down and we’re trying to get it fixed ... “There are definitely good reasons why it’s such a thorny thing to disrupt,” Fletcher-Hill admits. It’s been a running joke ... read more

Why Wendell Berry is still not going to buy a computer

Still ... me by a machine.” Port Royal, Ky. While much of the world salivated at the promise of the desktop computer, essayist and cultural critic Wendell Berry was unimpressed. Three decades after ... read more

FDA Turns to AI and Digital Health, So Why Are There Still Fax Machines?

Pharmacy is ripe for disruption. We still use fax machines every day, and pagers are still a "thing" in some institutions. Many of our pharmacy management systems could stand an upgrade, but how do we ... read more

Why Faxing Will Outlive Us All

Recently, the Smithsonian added two fax machines as historical artifacts to its collection. Then why are there still 46.3 million active fax machines in the world, of which 17 million reside in the US ... read more

Why Business Are Still Sending Faxes in 2018

Indeed, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC – home to an array of historical artifacts – made a point of including fax machines ... How can this possibly be the case? Why, in 2018, would your ... read more

Inside the lucrative world of junk fax lawsuits: Q&A with attorney Ronald Eisenberg

When I talk to people, it’s like everybody who has a fax machine gets annoyed by them, and when I talk about what it is, they all say, “Oh yeah, we get those all the time,” but they say, “we just ... read more

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