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Who Wants to Play WvW in Guild Wars 2?

Way back when Guild Wars 2 released I came into Tyria riding high off the waves of Atreia. NC Soft’s pigeon loving playground was a haven for many of us that loved large scale combat. Gigantic battles ... read more

Guild Wars 2: The End Game

If you’re used to MMOs like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic, dungeon runs in Guild Wars 2 will have a different kind ... mode dungeon challenges or take part in WvW combat, you’ll na... read more

ArenaNet president discusses careful monetization of Guild Wars 2, the least greedy Western MMO

The original Guild ... play the full game. So the microtransactions we offer are non-essential additions to the game and convenience services for players who want to trade money for time. Once you get ... read more

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The ArenaNet Catastrophe Has The Whole Game Industry Rethinking Harassment Policies

One week ago, two Guild Wars 2 narrative designers, Jessica Price and Peter Fries ... and that her Twitter account set “a bad example for the letter-writer’s children, who supposedly play this game.” ... read more

Guild Wars 2 — Fixing World vs World for 2018

Also one of the most neglected, most complained about game mode of Guild Wars 2. Mainly this is caused by Arenanet not ... I do it every single time I play WvW. It’s how I finish playing at the end of ... read more

Replay Episodes of Guild Wars 2’s Living World with New Journal Feature

We want to create ... to immediately play that episode. Players can bank new content in their Journal simply by logging into the game during the two-week period that the release is live. Players who d... read more

'Guild Wars': An experiment that worked

And the whole design of these games is indivisible with the business model: If people are paying $15 a month, they want to get their money ... There's no obligation to play' Like many players on “Guil... read more

Guild Wars 2 players to battle toys for Wintersday

BOOM video 14371 On top of these festivities, the Wintersday event will include 275 new crafting recipes, new holiday-themed PvP finishing moves, and holiday-themed WvW siege ... Some people may want ... read more

Q&A: Making microtransactions work for players in Guild Wars 2

And if you want to review our full conversation with her, you can part 1 and part 2 right here. Francis: In Guild Wars 2 the core game is free ... is an enjoyable part of your game for people to play, ... read more

GW2 – Guild Content Thoughts: For Great Justice!

Right now Guild Wars ... 2-3 big ones; everyone wants to be a leader. That’s great! Because thanks to your great game; you can be in multiple guilds! So everyone can keep their small communities but t... read more

Guild Wars 2: Killing Time Without Killing

you'd want guys saying 'Just as soon as there stops being three of you, I'm gonna knock your lights out next time.'" It is extremely likely that these activities will also be linked to the Guild Wars ... read more

Free-to-play games catching MMO subscribers’ attention (and wallets)

There’s clearly a limit to the number of recurring fees even dedicated gamers want to pay for ... releases is not a free-to-play game, as customers will have to make a one-time payment for the softwar... read more

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