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When a Carb's Not a Carb: The Net Carb Debate

When is a carb not a carb ... you can eat all these carbs, but you're really not impacting your health, so to speak.'" Although the number of products touting "net carbs" continues to grow, nutrition ... read more

What are net carbs, and should you track them? A nutritionist explains

A net-carb calculation is one that takes the total absorbed carbohydrate in a food and subtracts what amount is not absorbed, like fiber and sugar alcohols. Net carbs are also referred to as active or ... read more

How to Calculate Net Carbs

In addition, due to conflicting and outdated information, figuring out how to calculate net carbs can be confusing. In fact, the net carb claims on packaged foods may not reflect the number ... The ... read more

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Charlyn Fargo Ware: Carb Myths an Ongoing Challenge in Diet Debate

Maybe it’s because of the popularity of the keto diet or the paleo diet or a revived Atkins diet, all of which promote an unhealthy combination of high fat and dangerously low carbs. Simply put, carbs ... read more

The latest chapter in the low-fat, low-carb debate

Despite several decades of debate ... carbs and fat suits us best. Even though we’re all human, we’re not all identical. For example, last year’s well-designed DIETFITS study, which randomly assigned ... read more

What “Net Carbs” On Food Labels Actually Means

Despite many internet debates ... even see “zero net carbs” in some cases. Therein lies a very sour pickle. For diabetics, the labeling can be misleading since they should not completely discount all ... read more

Are carbohydrates necessary for a balanced diet?

A study published in The Lancet Public Health journal last year provides inside into the carb debate ... carbs get a bad rap? To understand the dietary grey area around carbohydrates, it's important ... read more

Ultra Low-Carb ZenoBars (Plus That Net Carbs Debate)

We reached out to a few D-community to get their opinion on the net carbs debate. First, we spoke with Christel ... you should be careful about trusting the net carb numbers.” Oerum, who has not yet ... read more

The Big Mistake You Could Be Making When Counting Carbs on the Keto Diet

Dr. Phinney explained that while some proponents of the keto diet argue not to count soluble fiber as part of your daily carb intake, which is one way to calculate net carbs, a well-formulated ... read more

What are net carbs and how to calculate them

"This term was invented by food manufacturers during the low-carb craze of the 2000s," says Michelle Dudash, a registered dietitian and author of "Clean Eating for Busy Families." "There is no legal ... read more

What Are Net Carbs and Should You Be Counting Them? The Intel You Need to Know

A slice of white bread, on the other hand, has less than 1 gram of fiber, so you're not getting the same kind of nutrition out of it. The Atkins diet and other similar low-carb programs are known for ... read more

What Does Low-Carb Really Mean?

Unlike "low-calorie" or "reduced-fat" claims, the FDA has not legally defined what "low-carbohydrate" means. Next week, the agency will finally weigh in on the low-carb debate when its ... is no legal ... read more

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