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What to say to someone experiencing anxiety or a panic attack

Everyone experiences anxiety differently, but if you've ever been around someone who is having a panic attack, suggesting "Try not to worry" is not the best idea. “You can say things that make anxiety ... read more

Do You Know What to Say When Someone Has an Anxiety or Panic Attack?

If you haven’t actually had the experience of a panic attack ... s someone willing to work with me on something, and even giving a glimmer of hope, helps TREMENDOUSLY. 3. DON’T SAY: It’s All in Your H... read more

14 Signs You Could Be Having a Panic Attack

It’s more like an anxiety ... by, say, stepping away to another room. You may think you're having a heart attack A racing or pounding heart is a common symptom of a panic attack. You might even have c... read more

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This Is The Difference Between An Anxiety Attack And A Panic Attack

Some people casually refer to periods of intense anxiety as “anxiety attacks”; others may say they’re having a panic attack ... can also be of assistance when you’re experiencing a panic attack or an ... read more

Called to serve, not called to suffer: Hope for early returned missionaries

Add these statistics to the already soul-stretching experience ... anxiety, don't treat it lightly,” Clyde said. “Prayerfully consider a mission and talk to people. Don't let people tell you ‘you can ... read more

How to Tell if You’re Having a Panic Attack – and What to Do

Mondaro’s experience, while scary, isn’t unique. Anyone can experience a panic attack, anxiety specialists say, although people who suffer from these sometimes don’t recognize the source of their disc... read more

Ashley Tisdale's Upcoming Album 'Symptoms' Is About Anxiety and Depression

Tisdale told People she ... what she was experiencing were panic attacks. “I didn’t know the anxiety symptoms I had in the past while touring,” Tisdale said. “Before, I would freak out before going on ... read more

This Is What a Panic Attack Really Feels Like

You’re still highly sensitized, and you’re also afraid of having another attack. This creates more anxiety and uncomfortable ... and options; people having a panic attack usually can’t focus beyond th... read more

Experts Say There's a Very Real Connection Between Drinking and Anxiety

People who experience panic disorder are the most likely to also have an alcohol use disorder, when compared to the other anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are more strongly linked to alcohol ... read more

How to Handle Someone Else’s Anxiety or Panic Attacks

Based on my experience talking with others, many people can relate, but I still write based on my own past experience. It’s immensely important that someone having a panic attack or even ... helping s... read more

Explainer: what are panic attacks and what’s happening when we have them?

For other people, panic attack may be more predictable, such as an abrupt escalation of a milder anxiety about giving a speech or speaking to someone in authority. Just as a panic attack can follow an ... read more

What a Panic Attack Feels Like

What would your experience be ... “Roll with the punches.” Easy to say. Hard to do. If the panic doesn’t subside, many people confide in their physicians. They are then prescribed anti-anxiety medicat... read more

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