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What To Do When Your Engine Oil Is Overfilled - Latest News

What To Do When Your Engine Oil Is Overfilled

When you put too much oil in an engine, it increases the pressure in the crankcase. This pressure rise might be enough to rupture the oil seal at your output shaft if it weren’t for the fact that your ... read more

Honda’s hybrid Insight is easy on the eyes

Doesn’t it seem as if you’re always being told what to do? When you’re growing up, your ... oil minister happy. Honda’s two-motor hybrid system, similar to the one used in the Accord Hybrid, employs a ... read more

Warming up your car in the cold just harms the engine

But contrary to popular belief, this does not prolong the life of your engine; in fact, it decreases its life by stripping oil away from the engine's cylinders ... The best thing to do is start the ca... read more

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Get your car in shape for holiday travel

The holiday season is here with us and it is time to start making sure that all of your ... oil pump or oil sump trainer. When you experience an engine knock, it is advisable to park the car in a safe ... read more

Is Blockchain Headed For A Roadblock In 2019?

Charles Babbage's vision of an "automatic computing engine" was designed between ... "Blockchain will impact your life...here's how and what you can do about it," in late April of this year. read more

Here's What Happens When You Let Your Car Run Out Of Oil

Without oil to do all of that, the engine is done for. Fifth Gear drained the oil of a Wira to show what happens when oil isn’t there to do its job, and it didn’t take long for the engine to get reall... read more

How to Change Your Car's Oil

you can take it off the jacks and turn the engine on. Let it run a bit to cycle the oil through your system. After a few minutes, turn your car off and check your dipstick to ensure that the levels ar... read more

To hold Facebook accountable, stop calling it a tech company

That’s what tech companies do. To be sure ... more than Exxon Mobil (because it uses instruments to find oil) or Burlington Northern (because it’s based on the invention of the steam engine). Zuckerbe... read more

What do oil additives do for your engine?

To lubricate the moving parts of your engine which minimizes friction and to protect metallic surfaces from the process known as corrosion -- aka rust. It's rare, however, that engine oil can do these ... read more

Ask the mechanic: Why does my car run out of oil?

How much air fuel mixture an engine can compress will determine how well the engine performs. Damaged pistons ring will leak compression as they leak oil into the combustion chamber. Your car engine . ... read more

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