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What To Do When Your Engine Oil Is Overfilled

When you put too much oil in an engine, it increases the pressure in the crankcase. This pressure rise might be enough to rupture the oil seal at your output shaft if it weren’t for the fact that your ... read more

Oil Overfilling May Cause Problems

They say it will not harm the engine, but my automotive owner's manual says in big letters: "Don't Overfill." What harm can it do?--J.M. Answer: You are right to be concerned about how much oil your ... read more

Why your car burns more engine oil

If you do not supply the engine with enough oil or at least fix the problem that is causing it to demand more oil, then you could end up damaging your engine. At least once or twice in three months, ... read more

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Don't overfill your engine with oil

A chap with a well-maintained Ford Escort complained that while idling or when moving slowly in rush-hour traffic the engine ... oil contamination of the throttle housing and air mass meter. Such ... read more

Food chat: A little DIY craft can help keep your food safe while grilling

You should be able to bake your coffee cake recipe in a muffin tin or mini bundt pan. Don't adjust the temperature, but do adjust the time. It will take much less time to bake. And remember not to ... read more

Do you really need to change your oil every 3,000 miles?

This is a widely accepted standard when it comes to oil changes, but do you really need to change your engine oil after traveling exactly 3,000 miles? The answer is conclusive: No, you don't, ... read more

Are you paying too much to have your oil changed too often?

That oil change sticker on your ... engine air filters, brake fluid, it all costs money. So, if we spend it all on oil changes that we don’t need, there’s nothing left over to do other ... read more

How to Tell If Your Vehicle Has an Antifreeze Leak

If you've noticed an odd, sweet smell coming from your ... engine's cooling system is complex and has many parts. A coolant leak could be as cheap and simple to repair as tightening a loose clamp on ... read more

This Memorial Day Weekend, Use Apps And Battery Power To Conquer Your Lawn

More than just a "set and forget" automatic controller, when you set up your Rachio for the first time, you do a deep dive into each zone of ... fighting with spark plugs and conducting emergency ... read more

I Found Out What Happens When You Don't Change Your Oil For 12,000 Miles

To find out what happens when you forget ... Check your service manual, make sure you know your recommended oil change interval, and save your car from oblivion! Whatever you do, just realize how ... read more

Inbound Marketing Strategy Session or Snake Oil Sales Pitch?

The bottom line for businesses from solopreneurs to the Fortune 100 level is this: Does what we do drive revenue ... stops working for your brand. Instead, find a marketing partner who understands ... read more

When Should You Change Your Oil?

Whether you do it yourself or have it done for you, changing your oil at the proper intervals will make your engine last longer and run better. ... read more

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