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What SQL can be used in a compound SQL statement?

But DB2 limits the type of SQL that can be placed in a compound SQL statement. As you have found, DDL is not permitted. The following list of SQL-control-statements can be used within the dynamic ... read more

Dynamic Compound Statements In DB2 For i

and contains one or more SQL statements. Further, each compound statement can contain its own locally scoped variable and cursor declarations and condition handlers (used for error/warning trapping). ... read more

DB2 SQL Procedural Language: Using Flow of Control Statements

You will also learn how flow of control statements can help control the sequence of statement ... it is important to first understand the use of compound statements. Of all the SQL control statements, ... read more

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What SQL Statements Are Currently Executing?

The utility makes use of Dynamic Management Views (DMVs), so can be used by SQL Server 2005 or greater ... Shows what individual SQL statements are currently executing. read more

Using a Correlated Subquery in a T-SQL Statement

In last month's article, I discussed what and how to use a subquery in a T-SQL statement ... for the low quantity order. A correlated subquery in a WHERE clause can help you produce this report. Here ... read more

Guru: When Playing With SQL

SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1 is used extensively in SQL examples on the web and in the Knowledge Center. We are not interested in its content. We just need a table we can use in a SELECT statement: Most of the ... read more

SQL Injection Attacks: Know How to Prevent Them

SQL injections target the databases using specifically-crafted SQL statements to trick the systems into doing unexpected and undesired things. There are a lot of things an attacker can do when ... read more

TAMU CTF 2019 — Secure Coding — SQL

The results can ... sql = "SELECT * FROM login WHERE User='$user' AND Password='$pass'"; To make this part secure I will use the best method to avoid SQLi so far: prepared statements. read more

Creating CRUD Stored Procedures in SQL

These DML (Data Manipulation Language) statements can become risky to do ... In layman’s terms this means that it is a sequence of code or a block of SQL code that is stored and that can be used and ... read more

What is sysprocesses and what can it do for you?

It is very useful for tracking down sql that is missing commit / rollback tran statements. The value returned is the same as the @@TRANCOUNT variable that can be used in a batch. Status is fairly ... read more

SQLi: How It Works, Part 1

... include user input within a SQL statement. An attacker can then insert a payload that will be included as part of the SQL query and run against the database server. The following server-side ... read more

DB2 SQL Procedural Language: Using Flow of Control Statements

IF statements can also define a branch of execution for when ... bonus = 0 WHERE empno = employee_number; END IF; SQL PL does not require the use of a compound statement to execute more than one ... read more

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