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What SQL can be used in a compound SQL statement?

But DB2 limits the type of SQL that can be placed in a compound SQL statement. As you have found, DDL is not permitted. The following list of SQL-control-statements can be used within the dynamic comp... read more

Overview of the SQL Insert Statement

This article on the SQL Insert statement is part of a series ... Inserting data into a table can be accomplished either using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), a GUI, or through Data ... read more

DB2 SQL Procedural Language: Using Flow of Control Statements

You will also learn how flow of control statements can help control the sequence of statement ... it is important to first understand the use of compound statements. Of all the SQL control statements, ... read more

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What SQL Statements Are Currently Executing?

The utility makes use of Dynamic Management Views (DMVs), so can be used by SQL Server 2005 or greater ... Shows what individual SQL statements are currently executing. read more

DevOps and Databases

When using this pattern, you can see all ... forgotten. In SQL Server Data Tools, I handle this using a post-deployment script. In this script, I populate a temporary table with what the data should l... read more

Does the Oracle Explain Plan command really show the execution plan that will be used?

But how we generate that execution plan can have a big impact on whether or not the plan we are looking at is really the plan that is used. The two most common methods used to generate the execution p... read more

Filtered Indexes in SQL Server

Create a supporting Non-Clustered Index for the query CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX idxTest ON Sales.SalesOrderHeader(PurchaseOrderNumber, SalesPersonID) INCLUDE (OrderDate, ShipDate) GO -- When we execut... read more

SQL Operations Studio

Azure Data Studio also provides a set of T-SQL code snippets that can be used to streamline the process of writing T-SQL statements. The code snippets are templates that generate the T-SQL syntax need... read more

sqlfmt: An [Opinionated] Online SQL Formatter

How can databases ... is an online SQL formatter. It is pronounced "sequel fumpt." Its purpose is to beautifully format SQL statements. I built sqlfmt with my Cockroach Labs colleague Raphael “knz” Po... read more

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Donation Manager from Scratch in PHP & MySQL — Part I

This Donations Manager application can ... statement. To create the donor’s full name, we also add a blank character after FirstName, which adds a space between the first and last names. Putting it al... read more

DB2 SQL Procedural Language: Using Flow of Control Statements

IF statements can also define a branch of execution for when ... bonus = 0 WHERE empno = employee_number; END IF; SQL PL does not require the use of a compound statement to execute more than one state... read more

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