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What You Should Know Before Eating like a Caveman on the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet, frequently dubbed "The Caveman Diet," naturally raises questions. And You're about to learn the answers to the first two, and more. The last one is on you, buddy. The Paleo Diet ... read more

What Is the Caveman Diet?

You don't have to be a dedicated follower of the health and fitness world to know that there's a trendy new diet popping up every year. Just as we're getting used to the ketogenic diet, another diet ... read more

Paleo Diet 101: What you need to know about the caveman diet

Of the many fad diets that exist today, the paleolithic diet (also called the primal diet) stands to defy the test of time. Foregoing the development in modern age to extremes, the paleo diet, as it ... read more

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The Paleolithic Diet: Lessons From the Past, Go Grandma, Not Caveman

Here’s the new kid on the block in food trends: the Paleolithic diet. Regular readers won’t be surprised to learn that I am not a fan of this fad, since I don’t believe that following diet trends ... read more

Great British Bake Off presenter Paul Hollywood gives up favourite treats on ‘caveman’ diet

Paul will follow the prehistoric nature-based eating diet in a bid to scrap his favourite dough-based treats to get him trim Summer Monteys-Fullam, 23, has spent three months following the paleo ... read more

The paleo diet: Should you eat like a caveman?

The problem with modern diets is that they rely too heavily on modern, processed foods. If only we emulated the eating habits of our paleolithic predecessors, we’d be healthier and less obese. That’s ... read more

The Paleo Diet Craze: What’s Right and Wrong About Eating Like a Caveman

Call it Paleo Chic. The eating habits of cavemen have never been more popular. But should we be taking menu cues from our ancient ancestors? The protein-heavy, low-carb principles of the Paleo diet ... read more

The Paleo diet: another fad or the secret to healthy living?

‘The Paleo diet is designed to mimic what humans were thought to have been eating around the Paleolithic era, which dates from approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago.’ says Medlin ‘The diet ... read more

Is the caveman diet unsafe?

There is a growing movement that believes if we really want to be fit, healthy and disease-free, we need to return to the hunter-gatherer life our ancestors lived some 40,000 years ago and dump all ... read more

What You Need to Know About the Latest Diet Plans

Sometimes called the caveman diet, the principle is simple: Eat the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors did, which means avoiding highly processed foods. In practice, Paleo can be a little trickier ... read more

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