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What Facebooks Russian Data Leak Shows About Government Surveillance And Facial Recognition - Latest News

This Leaked Report Reveals The “Technological Solutions” Explored By UK Ministers To Keep The Border In Ireland Open After Brexit

According to a government source ... and use facial recognition". The document adds: “Unrecognised faces will still be uploaded into a database and will be recognised later whether their biometric dat... read more

An Incredibly Accurate Facial Recognition App Is Coming — Here's What It Means for Privacy

The pair said they have been approached by international government agencies and are currently in talks with Moscow authorities who are seeking to employ their technology in 150,000 surveillance ... F... read more

How Facial Recognition Will Change Your Face

We’ve also seen how facial recognition technology can be misused. “Imagine a government tracking ... wrote that in a modern surveillance context, “the information that proxies for the person is made u... read more

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Leaked chats show alleged Russian spy seeking hacking tools

The leak of an alleged Russian hacker's conversations with a security researcher shows ... as well as data supplied by the cybersecurity firm Secureworks and Twitter's "Find My Friends" feature. A tip... read more

Microsoft is asking the government to regulate the company's facial recognition tech

Finally, the government must get a court order to use facial recognition for any ongoing surveillance of people in public ... as how long a company or organization should keep facial data after using ... read more

After Demanding Nudes, Facebook Comes Up with Another Creepy Security “Feature”

The company repeatedly fails to understand privacy boundaries and has started to act like some government intelligence agency that is obsessed with surveillance and data collection ... well just intro... read more

They’re Watching Us In Museums: Trevor Paglen’s Show at Metro Pictures Takes on Surveillance

Last Thursday afternoon, I received an email from the artist Trevor Paglen ... turns our tastes into data. “More and more museums are installing these biometric kinds of demographic surveillance syste... read more

Russia Tries to Get Smart about Artificial Intelligence

Using closed-circuit television cameras to scan shoppers, facial recognition can “show that you usually have women ... a private satellite manufacturer that works with the Russian government, was ruef... read more

Is America’s national security Facebook and Google’s problem?

Outrage that Facebook made the private data of over 87 million of its ... Alibaba is prototyping a new form of ubiquitous surveillance that deploys millions of cameras equipped with facial recognition ... read more

Cyber Saturday—Challenging Facebook's '#10YearChallenge,' Tim Cook's Privacy Plea, Mega Password Leak

In my view, the meme, which prompts people to post before-and-after photos of themselves on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites, is no better than a data-siphoning social ... for big tec... read more

Data Collection Isn’t Data Abuse -- Yet

Data collection is not data ... I used to do this for the government in ’85 and ’86 for two attorneys general. I filed the applications for warrants before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, ... read more

Facebook’s Failure to End ‘Public by Default’

In the most recent chapter of the book on why Silicon Valley still doesn’t get it, the New York Times recently reported that Facebook “removed 66 accounts, pages and apps linked to Russian ... feed th... read more

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