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What you need to know about Amazon, Google, smart homes and privacy

Every device that is connected to the internet is not only vulnerable to breaches, but it's also diminishing your privacy Think about it: Every time you flip a switch, that's a piece of data that your ... read more

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Peak Performance

But what exactly does ... working with me. Melody Wilding is a performance coach for sensitive high achievers and professor of human behavior. She helps leaders at companies like Google, Facebook ... read more

Mike Sewall: What does Lompoc mean to you?

Does it mean murals ... but I decided a while back to go forward with the positive. Sounds naïve, I know. The realist in me prays at the alter of pragmatism. But we can dream. read more

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Turns Out Everyone Has a Good Side

But the curious mind does not have to look far for evidence ... “My clients will ask me, ‘How do I find my angles?’” Ms. Spinelli said. “They know that to take good photos you have to position your bo... read more

What Is Emotional Labor, and What Can You Do About It?

but what does it really mean? It's a term I've struggled to define in a perfect, simple sentence. But the truth is, it's a complex issue that's easier to unpack with examples. So let's start unpacking ... read more

EU Commission Decides To Mock The Public; Insists Fears About EU Copyright Directive Are All Myths

Note the opening here is dripping with condescension, suggesting that even though basically everyone is not only against this law, but speaking out against it, they're all just silly fools, tricked by ... read more

A Checklist Manifesto for Junk Science: Fool Me Once…

Everyone is interested in claims about medical breakthroughs ... that may have a material interest in the study’s outcome. If you follow me on LinkedIn, then you likely know that in addition to my Inf... read more

Google Home's Assistant could soon know you better than you do

Google later said it would build in disclosures so people would know they were ... reaction surprised me," he says. "It made it clear to us how important those societal questions are going forward." O... read more

How much does voice search really matter?

Some observers note that Google ... does voice even fit? The only practical use I can think of would be to double-check details or confirm bookings after that fact, but is that really the earth-shatte... read more

What they're saying about Luka Doncic: Mavs' rookie will be a superstar, is 'already a problem' for rest of the NBA

"I think everyone knew, just from seeing his EuroLeague highlights, that his court awareness and playmaking ability would translate well in the NBA. What has most surprised me is his scoring. read more

What is self-love?

What does it really mean ... a number books that were either recommended to me, or somehow found their way onto my bookshelf and into my Google Books or Audible library. These have really helped ... read more

The Power of Raw, Honest Stories About Money

And if that was happening to me, what was going on with everyone ... I Google words, and I’m thinking really hard, and it’s just not coming, and I’m crying because I guess the conclusion is just that ... read more

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