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What Determines Whether A Muscle Fiber Increases In Length Or Diameter - Latest News

How Muscle Fiber Recruitment Affects Running Performance

"If you teach your body to recruit muscle fibers powerfully and efficiently, you'll run faster and increase your VO 2 max," says Beaverton ... Sprinters are rich in fast-twitch. Genetics determines ... read more

Training and exercise to drive poststroke recovery

Transcranial magnetic stimulation can be employed to determine the ... by exercises to build muscle strength and increase endurance. Initial resistance exercises lead to improved strength before an ... read more

Tendon Injuries in Horses

A tendon is defined as “a fibrous cord of connective tissue continuous with the fibers of a muscle and ... injury depending on whether the enlargement is edema/inflammation, or a buildup of scar ... read more

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Training Makes Runners More Efficient, but Not Cyclists

For decades, scientists have struggled to pin down what determines exercise efficiency and how to change it, with little consensus. In fact, it’s far from clear that it’s even possible to ... read more

How a Taser Works

Newspapers across the United States questioned whether the campus police ... Because of skeletal muscle fibers’ natural inclination to conduct low-frequency electricity along their length, a larger ... read more

Why You Need to Change Your Diet When You're Injured—and How to Do It Right

A small amount of this is good-it's what heals cuts and helps repair damage, including that to muscle fibers ... associate carbohydrates with length and intensity of exercising," Turner says. When ... read more

How 10 Minutes Of Daily Stretching Can Undo Decades Of Sore, Neglected Muscles

Your genes, Behm told me, help determine whether ... the fibers in my hamstring and the layers of fascia surrounding it are lengthening ever so slightly. My muscle spindles, a type of muscle fiber, ... read more

Miniaturized iPS-Cell-Derived Cardiac Muscles for Physiologically Relevant Drug Response Analyses

Tissue engineering approaches have the potential to increase the physiologic ... we next performed studies to determine whether our substrate-attached knobs could indeed be combined with muscle ... read more

This Is Your Body on Cycling

Your brain switches into fight-or-flight mode, trying to decide whether the sudden increase in effort is because you ... “It drops the pH of the muscle fiber, which then stops functioning as ... read more

Super Soldiers

But so far, they’ve proved impractical as musclelike machines, largely because their movements are relatively sluggish and also because they’ve been able to contract or expand by only a few percent of ... read more

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