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What An Experimental Aspergers Treatment Taught One Man About Human Nature - Latest News

An Anthropologist on Mars

In one plant she had designed, she said, there had been repeated breakdowns of the machinery, but these occurred only when a particular man ... an anthropologist on Mars, she could see me as a sort of ... read more

Is the Most Common Therapy for Autism Cruel?

Their intelligence quotients (IQs) also improved during treatment. When he followed up with the children one to four ... a young man with autism who had the therapy between ages 2 and 5. (Because of ... read more

Nikolaas Tinbergen Seagull

For many people who know little of ethology, Niko Tinbergen, who has taught at Oxford for nearly a quarter ea century, is simply “the gull man.” His work on herring ... Tinbergen, indeed, moved toward ... read more

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Into the Mind of a Psychopath

With the advent of neuroscience, we know the brains of psychopaths are atypical, leading some experts to call psychopathy a neurodevelopmental disorder, akin to autism, and one that’s diagnosable ... ... read more

The CNN 10: Healing the Future

Using an experimental treatment, the doctors taught Nick’s immune system ... Cornell University are bioprinting ears using human cells. A 3-D printed skull recently replaced a 22-year-old's diseased ... read more

Lighting the Brain

To analyze the role of small groups of neurons, scientists have relied on a method not unlike the one that Hess used with his cats: stimulating targeted brain areas, in experimental animals ... to ... read more

Tales of ordinary madness

And since the turn of the last century, we've had Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar, Ken Kesey's One ... not a man. I couldn't keep us together. I broke us up" - hastens his journey from a foster home to a ... read more

The Fully Immersive Mind of Oliver Sacks

Amazingly, no one was hurt, but the brilliance of the bomb left an indelible image in the mind of Oliver Sacks, who was 7 ... also got the Hollywood treatment in a movie called At First Sight. His ... read more

What autism can teach us about brain cancer

Applying lessons learned from autism to brain cancer, researchers at The Johns ... A summary of their work in human tumor cells and mice will be published on Feb. 9 in the journal Nature ... read more

Little Evidence for Alternative Autism Treatment Sold by 'Brain Balance' Franchise

Would her son — a squat, cheerful boy who, despite his affectionate nature ... kids' challenges. One woman insists "it will completely, absolutely, 100 percent change your life." Autism "can become a ... read more

What makes us human?

It's one of those big questions perennially posed ... and the bestialisation of man. Professor Thomas Suddendorf talking at TEDxUQ about the evolution of human minds and some of the science he writes ... read more

Infections in kids’ brains can provoke devastating psychiatric disorders through PANS

At 7 years old, Paul Michael Nelson was the kind of quiet, brilliant kid you were likely to find in Silicon Valley — captivated by Legos, self-taught ... autism and, ultimately, straight-up psychosis. ... read more

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