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Were Not Gonna Take It!: Can Trump Country Withstand The Grassroots Teachers Movement Sweeping The Nation - Latest News

US Media is Losing Its Mind Over Trump-Putin Summit

In other words Trump should just shut up and not question a questionable indictment, which Acosta, like nearly all the media, treat as a conviction. The Media’s Handlers The media’s handlers were even ... read more

5 Ways to Turn a Liberal Into a Conservative (At Least Until the Hangover Sets In)

Indeed, the growing science of politics has uncovered a variety of interventions that can ... who were responsible for their own fates (they’d contracted the disease while knowing the risks, and havin... read more

The Single Most Important Fact about our Gun Culture

But that is, overwhelmingly, from a prolife perspective, the single most important fact. My views on our gun culture are fairly simple. It can be boiled down to this: the human tradition of the second ... read more

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BNR - 'Bernies Great Response To Warhawks' & 'Sanders Crowds Keep Growing In Iowa'

#FeeltheBern With close to 25 years of public life under his belt, Mr. Sanders is the real deal; I fervently believe his audiences can sense that he is a truth teller. He does not have to see ... has ... read more

TRANSITION: Obama addresses the economy

Our problems are rooted in past mistakes, not our capacity for future greatness. It will take time, perhaps many years, but we can ... our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we ... read more

When ‘Mother Jones’ Wasn’t Russia-Bashing

The Russia hysteria sweeping America’s political-media world has spread to some progressive publications, like Mother Jones, that have forgotten the history of McCarthyism, even how they were smeared ... read more

Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally, a Week Later

Regardless of whether the Founders were ... It can create a populist movement, which seeks to tame power elites, demonize foreigners, turn government over to a new crew, etc. Or it inspires self-impro... read more

Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Six More Weeks of Winter FRIDAY!

"Mitt Romney is not going to be running for president. So you know what that means. We're getting closer and closer to President Trump." Sarah Palin at Freedom Summit in Iowa: So we can afford ... Joh... read more

Technology, teaching and the future of work

We can ensure automated technology doesn't destroy the labour ... The technologists who contributed to the Pew Research Center report were not as-one in their conclusions about labour market impacts o... read more

If They Can Quote Bible Verses, So Can We

They are corrupt, and their actions are evil; not one of them does good! Within about 30 minutes, the campus police were called and took our IDs. Then the dean of students invited us into his office w... read more

Seinfeld cancels on Trump after Obama comments

... s possible presidential run is not a publicity stunt: "Look, he doesn't need the publicity," Trump tells Behar. "He's successful...he's very passionate about the country [and] he wants to see the ... read more

'Crisis Actors,' Conspiracy Theories, and the Fear of Social Media

I also noticed that several (though not all) of the Facebook posts promoting the idea were getting pushback in the comments. So this isn't just a matter of conversations taking place in separate bubbl... read more

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