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Web Served The Finale: Congrats You Have A Web Server! Whats Next - Latest News

Web Served, the finale: Congrats, you have a Web server! What’s next?

Congratulations are in order—good job! At this point you've got a functional Nginx Web server that's configured with an eye toward speed and security. You've got it configured with SSL/TLS, (maybe) ... read more

This Week in Web Videos: ‘Business Time’

Few can no it with next to none ... What advice would you give to people looking to break into the web comedy space? Alex: I would say: first of all, don’t just assume that you have to get a ... read more

Silent Treatment: Preferred Weapon of People with Narcissism

Often, the narcissistic person will demand that the target apologize for whatever inflated transgression the target may have committed (the target may ... Do not accept emotional abuse. Know that you ... read more

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The Perl Tutorial: What’s Perl?

It’s a language that is available free over the Web ... you to place orders, access databases, and other useful applications. This is where CGI comes in. In order to implement these types of ... read more

5 Things Barack Obama Said in His Weirdly Off-the-Record MIT Speech

“You and I can have an argument about climate change in which you conclude ... and opined that the NBA would be well-served by junior league “so that the NCAA is not serving as a farm system for the ... read more

Web Served: How to make your site all-HTTPS, all the time, for everyone

... about software that we’ve made in all the previous Web Served pieces: this is targeted at admins running a Linux-based system with Nginx as the Web server application. You might also have any ... read more

Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence

Mr. President: This is our first VIPS Memorandum for you, but we have a history of letting U.S. Presidents know ... announces that malware has been found on the DNC server and claims there is evidence ... read more

Ask HN: What's the one thing that let you grow the most as a developer?

Without a proper CS degree (my bachelors and masters were in mechanical engineering), or experience (Stuck writing a very limited subset of C i.e. no malloc(), free(), libraries etc etc), I don't have ... read more

Can the Coalition's NBN keep pace with change?

In the early 90s, we couldn't grasp the revolutionary potential of the World Wide Web. Two decades later ... "Let's say that I can have such a robot and it cost $30,000. If it costs you $80,000 to put ... read more

Va. Senate votes to allow guns in restaurants

(That was Hanger's example.) Others argued guns have no place in eating establishments where alcohol is being served. Though the bill would prohibit a weapons carrier from drinking, the opponents said ... read more

Getting Started in Ham Radio

Their web page is confusing, but the prices are reasonable, and they have GREAT sales support on the phone when you finally give up on the web page and call them. Google has many other web sites ... read more

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