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Warframe Is Getting Hoverboards And Yes You Can Do Tricks On Them - Latest News

Warframe is getting hoverboards and yes you can do tricks on them

Warframe has some of the most fluid and fun movement out of any shooter I've ever played. I said as much in my review, but Digital Extremes is taking things in a decidedly more radical direction with ... read more

5 things you need to know about Warframe Fortuna, including hoverboards and animal scat

Warframe is going to Venus, and yes, you should care ... vast reaches of Venus. Sure, you could pull out the same Archwing jetpack you use for space missions and to fly around the Plains of Eidolon, b... read more

TennoCon 2018: More Info on Three Epic Warframe Updates

What’s there to do in this new ... than even the fastest Warframe, tricks can also be performed while in mid-air. However, these hoverboards are not some piece of exclusive Warframe technology – enemi... read more

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Warframe's next expansions make it "the dream game we never thought we could make"

The enemies will be using those other vehicles and you may be able to take them over ... you a hoverboard that you can do tricks with - it's the coolest thing we've added to Warframe in a long time. I... read more

'Far Cry 5' is deeper than you think

The game is really a statement on the increasing influence of violent religious extremism in the US, and the need for good people to take a stand against them ... Boomer that can retrieve animals you ... read more

8 laws you didn't realise you break every day, from password sharing to enjoying free Wi-Fi

Think you ... them to your mates. But ripping your own CD onto iTunes so you can listen to it on your phone or iPod, that's OK, right? Wrong! Since the High Court reversed a bit of intellectual proper... read more

‘Amazing Race’ Brain Trust Reveals Some Tricks to the Trade

So I said to Bert, “Why don’t we do a show where people who know each other travel around the world in some sort of competition, and the first team to get back to ... “We can’t do this challenge,” Wel... read more

GoldenEye: Death By Traps

so even the inconvenience of getting over to the switch has been eliminated, making them easy to access. IGN: What if I wanted to set up a straight-forward level? Are there options to turn off deathtr... read more

Warframe has quietly become the best free-to-play game on PC

You can hatch alien dogs that fight alongside you. One warframe comes with a programmable, in-game synthesizer. There's even a parasite that organically spreads between players. Features that work con... read more

Guide: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Top Tips And Tricks

Be a man, woman (or lizard) who can do ... yes, there are an awful lot of things to be getting on with but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the little things, too. We hope that you have found this gu... read more

This Twitch Streamer Gets Revenge On Tech Support Scammers

You realise billions of dollars are stolen through this thing,” he said. Unjust as the practice is, there isn’t much else Kitboga can do aside from waste workers’ time and call them out ... Kotaku Aus... read more

Warframe Fortuna release date: all the latest details about the open-world Venus update

This being Warframe, you will be able to customise your K-Drive with different skins and possibly even models. You can also perform tricks ... them, further clues like flattened or chewed plants will ... read more

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