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Warframe Is Getting A New Open World Hoverboards And Spaceship Combat - Latest News

Warframe Keeps Expanding with Open World Fortuna Expansion and Space Themed Railjack Update

Tenno will be able to traverse the landscape more quickly with the Bondi K-Drive, a single-player hoverboard ... between Warframe‘s open Landscapes, procedurally generated levels, and a new outer-spac... read more

Warframe Is Storming Onto Nintendo Switch With Two New Explosive Expansion Packs

Warframe is getting a new cyborg faction and story line through its upcoming Fortuna expansion, which will take place on Venus in an open-world environment ... to engage in PvE combat against hostile ... read more

Everything You Need to Know About Warframe Fortuna Update

The Orb Vallis map is expected to be around 4-5 times bigger than the previous open-world map “Plains ... was a waste of precious space. The newer caves are said to have many more features including t... read more

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Warframe’s Massive Open World Fortuna is Now Available on PC

Following a two hour stream where game director Steve Sinclair worked to get the update ready, Warframe’s massive Fortuna update is now available for PC. It’s completely free, and offers a new open wo... read more

Best free games on PS4 and Xbox One

When your health is depleted instead of getting kicked to the lobby your character turns into a speedy chicken – not only giving you a second chance to run away, but also encouraging close-quarters co... read more

Warframe Getting an Open-World Expansion This Year

Warframe is getting a substantial open-world ... of Eidolon and will drop players into a large open world called Landscapes, which you can explore at your own pace. Check out the teaser trailer for th... read more

‘Warframe’ Is Blessing Fans With Two New Expansions & Ship-To-Ship Combat.

At TennoCon 2018,, Warframe developer, Digital Extremes announced not one but two expansions coming soon for players with the added bonus of ship-to-ship combat.”Fortuna” is the follow-up to the “Plai... read more

Warframe Expansion to Add Space Combat

A new faction and new lore are coming to the game in an expansion called Fortuna. That expansion will be set in an open world environment on Venus ... the surface encounters in Fortuna into space. Pla... read more

‘Warframe’ Introduces Two New Upcoming Expansions With ‘Fortuna’ and ‘Railjack’ Announcements

“Fortuna” will take players to an open world environment settled on Venus and will introduce a brand new faction ... introducing space combat, allowing players to pilot their own spaceship and take pa... read more

Warframe's Big Open World Update Lands on PS4 Next Week for Free

If you really want to get stuck into it, Warframe can eat away hours upon hours of your ... Plains of Eidolon adds a large open world map for you to explore, which is a far cry from the tight corridor... read more

Anthem and Finding The “Soul” of Looter Shooters

However, you can start a new weapon class and get on that grind again to ... and introduces stuff like hover-boards, open worlds, and soon-to-be space combat. "My main worry with Anthem is that ... read more

Warframe’s Fortuna Open World Expansion Is Live Now on PC

Digital Extremes announced the availability of Warframe’s latest free open world expansion, Fortuna ... game to support mouse and keyboard on the Xbox One. More about this new feature should be reveal... read more

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