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Uks Healthcare Horror Stories Ought To Curb Dems Enthusiasm For Singlepayer - Latest News

The Republican Health Care Failure

His GOP critics in Congress, after all, have proposals to help the uninsured and curb health care ... horror. They solemnly agree the existing system has a host of serious flaws. But they can never ge... read more

Why Rahm Was 100% Wrong

Why did so many Democrats vote for the Iraq War? Because their job security was threatened. So threaten it again, only this time for Single Payer. With much of the Health Insurance Profit Protection A... read more

Obama Decries 'Outrageous Myths' About Health-Care Reform

President Obama used his weekly radio and Internet address to call for "honest debate" about his health-care reform proposals and decry "willful misrepresentations," "outright distortions" and "outrag... read more

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America Celebrates Lateral Move From Monarchy To Corporate Rule

So if you’ve ever wondered why seemingly common sense matters like a living wage and healthcare as a right consistently get shot down by your government, this is why. In order to rule you as King Geor... read more

Turning Back the Tax Revolt

The states, however, are a different story. Democrats now control the “trifecta”–Senate ... getting the economy to treat workers fairly, expanding health care access while reining in costs, and guaran... read more

Leading Putin Critic Warns of Xenophobic Conspiracy Theories Drowning U.S. Discourse and Helping Trump

When the most flamboyant, alarmist, tabloid-style Russia stories from leading news outlets collapse (as ... As Gessen puts it in the key sentence that ought to be pinned everywhere in neon lights: Rus... read more

Umm, GOP? You got a second? I want to show you something.

Go to and look for political stories about Obama, healthcare, etc. Go to the discussion at the bottom of the story, get yourself a screen name and dive in. They are there by the dozens. They'r... read more

It is with deep and profound regret that I post the following.

Mr Knibbs is tired of London life so we're moving to the country which means that with great sadness I have to hand in my notice as PM's Blog Editor. I'd be grateful if you could suggest a suitable al... read more

The next great reform will be of politics itself

One of the most interesting thoughts from this week's Making Australia Great came from former Reserve Bank governor Ian Macfarlane, who wondered, despite welcoming the reform agenda of Hawke-Keating, ... read more

Republicans Denounce Pelosi for Warning Against 'Incitement'

This kind of rhetoric was very frightening, and it created a climate in which violence took place. So I wish that we would all, again, curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements that are made, so t... read more

Learning to Love Perpetual War

The transformation of the Democratic Party into the perpetual war party – accelerated by the Russia-gate hysteria – is personified by Rep. Barbara Lee who voted against the “war on terror” resolution ... read more

A Bipartisan Solution to ObamaCare

More than 30 states are working on so-called Health Care Freedom laws ... What self-respecting Democrats ought to understand is that they can't consistently threaten to slap insurance companies with a... read more

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