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Uber Eats And The $6b Bookings Run Rate: The Ai Success Story No One Is Talking About - Latest News

Uber Eats and the $6 billion bookings run rate: The AI success story no one is talking about

Uber Eats is the fastest growing U.S. meal delivery service, posting a $6 billion bookings run rate within ... customers and drivers. AI is that function’s beating heart, and the one of the major forc... read more

Is Netflix Abandoning Its Business Model Again?

If they are going this way, no one show “airing” 13 times a year is going to keep customers paying $8 or more a month. If Netflix becomes a thrift shop, with content here and there and everywhere, the ... read more

Revisiting the "Holy Trinity" of MMORPG Classes

A feature at Gamasutra examines one of the foundations of many MMORPGs — the idea ... and some might just be good at swinging a sharpened bit of metal in the right direction at a rapid rate. This desi... read more

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Algorithms are taking our jobs

It was invented by a Persian mathematician, one Abu Abdullah ... tax rate in America: it's also because the elite class of people who understand and control algorithms are using them to get rich by ex... read more

Ask HN: Are there 'dumb' ways to make money as a developer in your spare time?

Suddenly an extra $100/week actually sounds worth thinking about. Are there simple ways to earn a few extra bucks as a developer in your spare time? Or is it just down to 'invent some SaaS offering an... read more

VERY DETAILED TIMELINE – Renaissance Technologies, James Simons, Robert Mercer & the Medallion Funds

Senior staffers ended up discussing Kononenko’s advancement during one of their ... only if the price is no worse that a “limit price” specified by the trader. Standing limit orders are placed in a fi... read more

NOVA Wonders

No ... you get success. TALITHIA WILLIAMS: And in the past 29 years, Erich has had a lot of success, but the path to get there was not easy. ERICH JARVIS: I guess my story begins with being born here ... read more

Yes, there really are people who don't accept the germ theory of disease

The longer I'm in this whole skepticism thing, the more I realize that no form of science ... for example: One can't help but notice that in the last example, a chapter attacking germ theory is the ve... read more

Category: Business Practices

It is very simple – adapt and embrace technology wherever possible, specifically, cloud-based computing solutions that allow one to be in many places at one ... Like most operators, our hand was force... read more

HN Office Hours with Kevin and Sam

Starting at 11 am PDT today, Kevin Hale and I are going to try online office hours. If you'd like help with your startup, please post a top-level comment with one or two sentence description of what y... read more

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