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Twin Towers Engineer Blamed Himself After 911 - Latest News

Twin Towers engineer blamed himself after 9/11

In 1945, a military plane accidentally crashed into the Empire State Building. There were 14 casualties and $1 million in damage, but the 1,250-foot-tall structure stayed upright. So when structural e... read more

Convicted 9/11 accomplice deported from Germany 17 years after atrocity

He was the first person ever convicted for complicity in the attacks on the Twin Towers ... engineering. The Moroccan was friends with members of a Hamburg-based cell, including their leader, Egyptian ... read more

The 9/11 attacks robbed New York’s skyline of its swagger — and the rebuilding failed to get it back

The post-9/11 rebuilding effort failed to ... of the city that once scorned it. New York's Twin Towers inspired awe. The replacement building, One World Trade Center, inspires aw. There's 15 years wor... read more

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Architect Watched Twin Towers Go Up

Growing up in Jersey gave him access and a front-row seat for the construction of the world's tallest buildings, the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, in Lower Manhattan ... I had always wanted one, b... read more

Were the bodies of 43 missing students burned at a dumpsite?

Torero got interested in fire after he left Peru to study engineering ... himself to cases “that have a significant social impact.” In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, he studied the structural weak... read more

The conspiracies that won't go away: Brother of 9/11 victim claim the US orchestrated atrocity

Two were flown into New York's famous Twin Towers, which collapsed ... to conceal - vital information about the 9/11 attacks. Crucially, a team of engineers at the University of Alaska concluded this ... read more

Where Were You When You First Heard?

Soon after 9/11, conspiracy ... them to pin blame on their favorite pre-existing bogeyman. Days after 9/11, for example, a rumor spread that 4,000 Jews had been warned about the attacks and failed to ... read more

9/11 Simulation Taxes Purdue Servers

It’s unusual for an academic computer-science department to brag about its prowess on YouTube, but that’s exactly what happened this month after ... 9/11 attack.” Initially, the video was developed to ... read more

Field Negro: Another storm. Do we have enough paper towels?

But can you blame America for not liking ... the tallest building in New York after the Twin Towers were destroyed on that tragic day. The man has no soul and no morals. He even lied about donating fu... read more

FDNY engineer dies at 43 amid battle against 9/11-linked brain tumor, one year after his firefighter dad’s death

Alexander and his dad are the first father and son to die from 9/11-related illnesses. FDNY Firefighter Joseph Angelini Sr., 63, and his namesake, Joseph Angelini Jr., 38, both died when the Twin Towe... read more

A simple gift on 9/11 saves the life of an office worker heading to the twin towers

Joe’s flight from Dallas ended up taking 14 hours, so it was well past midnight when he finally checked into the Marriott hotel tucked between the twin towers. He’d had to ... gives a speech to the Ro... read more

Provocateur and Chief

Morsi, for example, rejects the official narrative of 9/11, saying that it is impossible that the Twin Towers were brought down by hijacked ... Morsican shift the blame away from himself and his Musli... read more

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