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Tupelo Leaders Examine Communication Procedures After Boil Water Eyeopener - Latest News

Tupelo leaders examine communication procedures after boil water 'eye-opener'

TUPELO – A more than four-hour gap between the time city leaders learned Tupelo was under a boil water notice and when the public found out was the topic of discussion Thursday during a special work s... read more

Shoestring Living: Be grateful every day

When you’re appreciating a sunrise after a sleepless night, how can you focus on being tired? Become aware of the good in your life and celebrate it, no matter how small it seems. Journal it One of th... read more


If they are and I am however, I may well be tempted to once again publish. In the depths of Ireland a’ golfing perhaps next week or the week after way down in the south west whilst on my cookery cours... read more

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Accomodationists, Evolution and the Climate Debate

Fans of smashmouth science communication have not been disappointed by the response to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s recent statements on evolution. Richard Dawkins, the brilliant evolutionary biologist ... read more

Returning the car & my emotional breakdown(s)

His next door neighbor had been cured at one of these places after all. Another theory was that he was just acting out and pretending to be gay to spite his parents. After all, my nephew is handsome a... read more

The Big Carroll vs. Craig Debate

He even, rather cheekily I thought, went after the Carroll-Chen model of the multiverse, in which the universe exists eternally. Yes, that Carroll. The one who was on stage with him to explain how bad... read more

Government goes cold on global warming

It was not only a year that was affected by a very strong El Nino effect, which as a rule leads to higher temperatures, but it also came after 1997, which had likewise experienced a strong increase in ... read more

Health advocate stops in Tupelo on 5,001-mile cycling trip for awareness

TUPELO – In the middle of a 5,001-mile bike ride from Ventura ... Next year, he plans to ride his bike from San Diego to the farthest point one can go on a road in Alaska. After that, he’s supposed to ... read more

Hopes low, stakes high when Indian and Pakistani foreign ministers meet

There’s the formal peace process, known as the Composite Dialogue, broken off by India after the Mumbai attack blamed on the ... of a breakthrough to justify a peace summit between the leaders of the ... read more

A Corrupted Election

And while that fact is consistent with allegations of fraud (if you are going to steal an election you go after votes most vigorously where ... The exit polls themselves are a strong indicator of a co... read more

Food for Thought: Do you know what steak you're getting?

As an added bonus, it could help brewers pick the best yeast strains for improved beer flavors or help vintners develop wine that lasts longer after opening. The team mapped the genes of more than 70 ... read more

Why I Woke Up to the Reality Of Stolen Elections

The power of network television news to shine it's all seeing eye on political scandals, and the wave of reform that was ushered in after Watergate ... other than a DLC Democrat assuming the mantle of ... read more

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