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Try These Nutritious Breakfast Ideas To Kickstart Your Metabolism Keep Hunger At Bay - Latest News

Healthy breakfast ideas for everyday nutrition

How about the fact that healthy breakfasts keep your mind sharp and active so that you can perform better at work and play! Here are our top 5 brain-boosting healthy breakfast ideas for everyday ... i... read more

Should you eat breakfast?

When considering these ideas, it becomes clear that some don’t have ... energy expenditure known as diet induced thermogenesis (DIT). So, yes, breakfast does kick start your metabolism. A recent study ... read more

8 fool-proof ways to lose weight without exercising

In fact, drinking water in regular intervals can help keep a check on your appetite ... keeps metabolism high. At the same time, munching on something intermittently also works at a psychological leve... read more

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15 low-fat foods that wreak havoc on your waistline

Yogurt Breakfast is the key to getting your energy levels up and your metabolism ... absorb these and other essential vitamins, which are vital to healthy metabolic function. The Slimmer Choice: Inste... read more

How you eat is all wrong. Follow these new 5 recommendations instead

Those are the new recommendations coming out of the American Heart Association for people trying to maintain their weight and keep heart disease at bay ... your best bet, or that fasting may kick star... read more

Insider health secrets - revealed!

"I usually have a big breakfast of fresh fruit, slice of gluten-free, high-fibre bread and a cup of green tea to kick-start my metabolism ... your system. Dr Shaban's major beauty concern is visible s... read more

Would you like 2 hours of exercise with that?

Or you could get a double cheeseburger. Seeing the calories listed next to each item isn't likely to affect your decision, according to a new study being presented at the Experimental Biology 2013 mee... read more

Diet of carbohydrates can help you lose weight

Sticking to a regular pattern maintains blood sugar levels and keeps hunger at bay ... plates (try your salad plate instead of your dinner plate) and keep portion sizes small. For a quick boost, try t... read more

Everyday Habits That Can Help You Get 6 Pack Abs

For starters, it helps to raise kickstart your metabolism ... a wholesome, nutritious breakfast. Carry a fruit that you can munch on the way to the office along with some soaked nuts like walnuts and ... read more

Holwegner: Tackling weight gain, cravings, and emotional eating at menopause

so does our metabolism and how much food our body requires. At menopause sleep disturbances, lowered energy levels, and emotional roller-coaster mood changes can trigger overeating, more food cravings ... read more

Dieting Starves Your Brain Cells, Turning Neurons Into Self-Cannibals

reporting in the journal Cell Metabolism, have now learned that when you starve yourself of calories, your brain cells also starve, causing your neurons to begin eating parts of themselves for energy. ... read more

Porridge with more sugar than Frosties

With few people having time to cook porridge on the stove these ... fortified breakfast cereals, and are particularly useful for helping to grow strong bones. ‘The gingerbread flavour may encourage fu... read more

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