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Try A Juice Fast To Dump Extra Pounds And Energize Your Body - Latest News

Try a juice fast to dump extra pounds and energize your body

Are you carrying extra weight from overeating this past holiday season? Cookies, candy, cheeseballs, fruitcake, alcohol, eggnog, and apple pie. The temptations were endless for most people. How often ... read more

How you can eat more but still lose weight

I ate 500 calories or less a day, deprived myself and watched as my body began to revolt with dizzy spells, hair loss, dark eye circles, dull skin, crazy emotional mood swings and zero energy. I would ... read more

Reboot to healthy eating: Trying a juice cleanse

And I was carrying around about four extra pounds on my body because of it. Several of my friends had done a juice cleanse and spoke highly about the experience, so I decided to give juicing a try ... ... read more

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How to Lose Weight Fast (You Can’t!): 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

To judge by the magazines in the checkout line at the local supermarket, there are dozens of ways to LOSE WEIGHT FAST or LOSE 20 POUNDS IN 20 DAYS or HAVE YOUR BIKINI BODY IN JUST 3 WEEKS ... more tha... read more

What a Breastfeeding Dietitian Eats in a Day for Postpartum Health

And the extra ... with your baby, and you should never bed-share when you’ve had something to drink. But I don't think my modest occasional glass of mom-juice is a big thing. OK, so like every other m... read more

The Big Squeeze: Madison juice bars get in on cleansing kick

“I try to set people up for success,” Montelbano said. “There’s a lot to know about cleansing. If you’re not using all of the tools and you’re not educated, it can be really hard on your body ... juic... read more

Nutritionist Explains Why The 'Stop Eating Food' Diet Is Dangerous And Unhealthy

He claims he found a way not to eat food by combining all essential nutrients, including carbohydrates, sodium, chloride, zinc, into a juice. The idea is that he eliminates all the extra "stuff" and t... read more

Can't stop eating Halloween candy? Try these 6 tips for a sugar detox that works

An estimated 600 million pounds ... To reset your sweetness threshold, try cutting back on artificial sweeteners. Limit or eliminate diet soft drinks. Dilute beverages like sugar-free lemonade, or eve... read more

Should You Try Intermittent Fasting?

The concept is that when the body doesn't have to spend as much time and energy on digestion ... if you should give intermittent fasting a try? Unless you have low blood sugar, in which case IF should ... read more

Snacks to shed off the extra pounds after Ramadan

Some find that they have gained weight throughout Ramadan and usually follow specific diets or meal plans in order to lose the extra weight ... The combination of sweet and salty flavors satisfy your ... read more

How I lost weight: '12 kgs without even dieting'

I've always maintained an athletic body and never allowed ... It will work effectively and fast. To add to the workout, it's good to cut out fried foods for some time, so that you lose those extra pou... read more

Top 10 Rules for a Flat Belly

You're not alone in feeling frustrated: Sixty-two percent of women say the body part ... eating extra calcium suppresses calcitriol, which breaks down fat and makes your fat cells leaner and your tumm... read more

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