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Trawsfynydd and cancer: nuclear power kills

A study of cancer incidence downwind of the Trawsfynydd nuclear plant in Wales shows a doubling of risk, writes Chris Busby, mainly from breast cancer. People eating fish caught in Trawsfynydd Lake ... read more

Nuclear Power Kills: the Real Reason the NRC Canceled Its Nuclear Site Cancer Study

These are the six nuclear power ... Trawsfynydd. Last week we published the Hinkley Point study [14] where we shifted our focus from cancer to infant deaths and stillbirths, also indicators of genetic ... read more

It Sounds Crazy, But Fukushima, Chernobyl, And Three Mile Island Show Why Nuclear Is Inherently Safe

What about cancer? By 2065 there may be 16,000 thyroid ... matter from fossil- and biomass-burning homes, cars, and power plants, which kill seven million people a year. Thanks to nuclear’s inherent ... read more

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Making Nuclear Waste Less … Nuclear

Nuclear waste is scary. What do you do with something that can give you cancer or potentially kill you even when it’s in the next ... from the fact that there’s no way to set up a nuclear power plant ... read more

True: Radiation from Fukushima nuclear disaster here soon; false: It will kill you

After all, we have a nuclear power plant, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation ... an isotope linked to bone cancer. None of the samples were taken from seawater, the company said today in an e-mailed ... read more

Killing More Cancer Cells than Ever Before: A New Era in Radiotherapy

Higher doses of radiation can kill more cancer cells ... collaboration and support to other countries,” Shouman said. How nuclear science and technology help us fight cancer and improve health will be ... read more

Breast Cancer and Nuclear Sites

Do nuclear sites cause increases in cancer in those living nearby ... we have found it in the study we carried out of Trawsfynydd in Gwynedd. And we found it in the Bradwell study. Bradwell nuclear ... read more

Radiation Can Kill, but Not as Easily You Think

People exposed to a large amount of bomb radiation—a level more than 2,000 times today's safe level for an entire year—developed cancer much more ... is worse than making power from nuclear reactors, ... read more

It's Been Eight Years Since The Fukushima Disaster. This Is What's Happening There Now

A former station workman has since died of cancer ... to kill a person. The highest recorded level inside the melted reactors was 530 sieverts per hour, but thankfully radiation is not leaking out of ... read more

'Energy is worth a war': US nuclear supremacy is collapsing, but there's a way to win it back

China, Russia, and other countries, meanwhile, have taken the lead on developing next-generation nuclear technologies. To regain its lead, the US will have to address unfounded fears of nuclear power ... read more

Brexit May Threaten Cancer Treatments and Hinkley Point Plant

Experts say it could threaten everything from cancer treatments to the integrity of nuclear power plants. Prime Minister Theresa ... “If you take something like molybdenum, it’s used to kill the ... read more

Nuclear power kills! The real reason the NRC cancelled its nuclear site cancer study

The real reason is to suppress the unavoidable conclusion: nuclear power kills. Despite the truly enormous ... I have reported the increased levels of breast cancer deaths near Bradwell and ... read more

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