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Top Foods to Help You Build Muscle

You don’t need to be young or a bodybuilder to want to build muscle. Having muscle is an important part of being healthy and being healthy applies to people of all ages. But it isn’t about looking bul... read more

The best foods to help build muscle

But that’s not exactly the best route ... important foods that, as part of a balanced and healthy diet, can help you put on that muscle weight: 1. A 3-ounce serving of chicken breast (Protein) High-qu... read more

10 Muscle-Building Foods Men Should Eat to Look More Attractive

We have made a compilation of top 10 super-foods for men that will help them build muscle and simultaneously help them to increase the testosterone (male hormone) in their body thereby making them mor... read more

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The Best Foods to Help You Sculpt Muscle

The key to losing weight and building lean muscle is to have your body's metabolism working at its best. Therefore ... What is a one-ingredient food you ask? Exactly what it sounds like: It’s a food w... read more

Top 13 Lean Protein Foods You Should Eat

Protein is an essential part of a balanced diet, but sometimes it’s accompanied by more fat and calories than you want. Fortunately, there are a variety of lean animal and plant sources of protein tha... read more

How To Gain Weight The Healthy Way

It’s a common trait of so-called ‘hardgainers’ to grossly overestimate what they eat, and inversely underestimate how much food is required to build genuine muscle ... Knowing which body type best des... read more

How to start running, according to an Olympian who now coaches runners

The best thing about ... of your feet and how you actually run — whether you land on your heel or in the middle of your food, and whether you pronate or supinate, rolling your foot inwards or outwards ... read more

Protein key to preventing age-related muscle loss

Fielding advises 1 to 1.2 g/kg/d for people over 60 (see example, below) to maintain and build muscle mass ... lentils, soy foods, nuts, and seeds at each meal. In addition, servings of whole grains a... read more

Foods to eat if you're trying to build muscle

“The food you consume after the workout is equally important for your muscle growth ... you in the best shape of your life! “Rich in chlorophyll and iron, baby spinach is much easier to eat than full- ... read more

From Rural Farmers to Food Entrepreneurs: A Conversation with the Founder and CEO of Javara

Javara is focusing on the top ten products that we can scale up and build out for efficiency ... a school for artisans, to help young farmers, foragers, and fishers to grow into food entrepreneurs. FT ... read more

10 Foods That Will Give You Energy

Caffeine and sugar may give you an energy spike, but the crash that follows will leave you feeling even more tired than before. Instead, try these 10 foods to help ... top energy-boosting snacks for c... read more

Does Plant Protein Build Muscle as Well as Meat?

no matter the source in their diet, they can improve their muscle health,” she says. In other words, people who want to go meatless can still build muscle with the help of quinoa, peas, nuts, beans, a... read more

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