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Tim McVeigh, Average White Man

A guy I knew collected rents for a slum landlord. He was a big, whey-faced Irishman. The job took him into some very poor black neighborhoods. He used to laugh about how he'd knock on a door, see a ... read more

Timothy McVeigh, Extremists' New Hero

To most Americans, Timothy McVeigh is the ... He cites several examples of how McVeigh, who was executed in the summer of 2001, has been adopted as a martyr by anti-government extremists—often ones ... read more

John Walker Lindh isn't the only notable inmate who has spent time in Terre Haute's federal prison

This includes convicted Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh. He was executed in Terre Haute in 2001. Convicted white supremacist Dylan Roof is ... Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man convicted in the Bostom ... read more

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How Was Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh Connected To Waco?

On a spring day in 1995, Timothy ... white separatist Randy Weaver was embroiled in a standoff with federal agents at his cabin with his family. Weaver was accused of selling illegal sawed-off ... read more

Best essays of 2017: Timothy McVeigh, my dad and me

It was a sunny afternoon in 1995, a week after the Oklahoma City bombing, during the brief period that Dad knew Timothy McVeigh only as America’s most hated man, and nothing more ... probably found ... read more

‘We've dug ourselves a really deep hole’ – David Neiwert on the rise of the far right

But in middle age, with a round and creased face, and a certain heaviness in the midsection, Neiwert does resemble the average attendee at the far right’s public events. Facebook Twitter Pinterest An ... read more

The New Zealand government is doing what US law enforcement can’t, or won’t

As ThinkProgress previously outlined, none of the country’s most lethal domestic terrorists — like Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh ... the man “was prepared to act on his white ... read more


Timothy McVeigh ... view the McVeigh evidence blunder as more proof that the federal government is corrupt, tyrannical and deceitful. "I don't think the average person is going to believe this," said ... read more

Brushes with celebrity, and those not yet famous

“A man coming down the sidewalk looked familiar,” she recalls. “It was Jesse White — the lonely man from the Maytag ... Future mass murderer Timothy McVeigh. Fortunately, Brent was never one of his ... read more

McVeigh Didn't Hide Anger Over Waco

"We were all in shock, saying, 'Man, they're burning it, and nobody's coming out.' We could see it was deliberate. "We had been getting ready to farm. Then Tim came running out, saying, 'They're ... read more

Dead man talking

Tomorrow is the 33rd birthday of Timothy James McVeigh. He will spend it as he has spent the past six years - on a slow countdown to death. America's most infamous man has 23 days left ... has never ... read more

Days after White House adviser dismissed Oklahoma City bombing, feds disrupt McVeigh-inspired plot

While dismissing the notion of “lone wolf” terror attacks, Gorka discussed Timothy McVeigh ... and that McVeigh is not the sort of person we should be worried about in 2017. “It’s this constant, ‘Oh, ... read more

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