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This Poop Face Emoji Road Art Is Equal Parts Impressive And Terrifying - Latest News

This poop face emoji road art is equal parts impressive and terrifying

With the world slowly deciding that emoji has a place outside of our group chats, it was only a matter of time before we saw some outsider art. But what is the contemporary piece made from? Well, rela... read more

Poor, poor pitiful Andy (Wakefield): Dissed again, this time by the Oregon Senate Committee on Health Care

On the one hand, it would have been grand entertainment to see Andy trotted out in front of the committee to spew his usual brand of antivaccine misinformation, and I bet that he would not have been p... read more

Creationist Ken Ham versus the Truth

Announcing his upcoming debate with Bill Nye, the Science Guy, Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham said: This debate will help highlight the fact that so many young people are dismissing the Bible because ... read more

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Most Anticipated: The Great Second-Half 2018 Book Preview

(Janet) Training School for Negro Girls by Camille Acker: Camille Acker spins her debut story collection around a pair of linked premises: that respectability does not equal freedom and that the accla... read more

This crowdfunding campaign is seeking £35k to launch poop face emoji sculptures

The 3-inch wide by 2.8-inch tall emojis will capture all the essence of the poop face for just $115/£86 (at minimum). If that isn't enough emoji for you, though, you could go all-in and nab yourself a ... read more

J.J. Abrams Top Secret Trailer for Cloverfield in Front of Transformers!!

I don't want to ruin this experience for anyone, but holy shit! I just went to a screening of Transformers (to see it for my second time) tonight, and I caught a trailer for a top secret untitled J.J. ... read more

Tighter Gun Laws Will Leave Libertarians Better-Armed Than Everybody Else

Has it occurred to anybody that when restrictive laws are imposed, they're likely to have the greatest impact on the people most willing to obey them? Gun controls then, like other restrictions and pr... read more

A primer on federal gun law

Legally the term includes any weapon that can easily be modified to do so, and it includes the parts used to make a regular weapon fire more than one shot per trigger pull. If you even have a broken d... read more

Why the Powell Endorsement (Could) Matter

The news that retired Gen. Colin Powell will appear this Sunday on "Meet the Press" has set off a frenzy of speculation that former secretary of State could throw his endorsement to Barack Obama. Powe... read more

Does your daily bread contain human hair?

So will cutting out all animal products reduce my carbon footprint? I need a bit of persuading about the bees but cows certainly produce an impressive quantity of greenhouse gases. I cited the extraor... read more

Timing Is Everything: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

There are few iron facts in the crapshoot of the literary life, but here’s one: In book publishing — no less than in music, war, and sex — timing is everything. I have found five books that illustrate ... read more

10 Reasons the Crucifixion Story Makes No Sense

I’m afraid that the crucifixion story doesn’t strike me as that big a deal. The Christian will say that death by crucifixion was a horrible, humiliating way to die. That the death of Jesus was a treme... read more

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