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This Is The Site Where An Entire School Was Once Kidnapped For Ransom And It Can Now Be Yours - Latest News

The Fragile Generation

If they arrive at school or start careers unaccustomed to frustration and misunderstandings, we can expect them ... one night of the entire year we traditionally let children pretend to be adults. Oth... read more

You Can Go Home Again

In the process of translation, nuances of meaning can easily be lost. When Maya was young, then more intensively in high school ... I might as well be white. Once content with describing myself as ‘Ch... read more

Look Who Still Has Diarrhea Of The Mouth

As you can imagine, he's gotten nothing but slack about it since the tweet went up from his followers and the media. Now, normally, this would be the point in the story where we'd tell you how he apol... read more

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Blood in the valley: The Shelton Laurel Massacre’s haunting legacy

The Shelton clan and related families have lived in the area since the late 1700s, and many current residents can trace their family lines back ... Asked to point out the actual execution site, he and ... read more

This Is How You Kidnap a Child: An American History

The Arizona Orphan Abduction began not once ... now number only a small handful and often teach native culture and arts. Although the atmosphere of boarding schools has evolved, they remain a complex ... read more

For sale in Florida: The house where gangster Ma Barker died

Now this bullet-pocked slice of history can ... entire country." Ma Barker became the only woman to ever top the FBI's most wanted list. She may not have been a killer, but she was the mama of four ki... read more

Leaving Iraq: An Iraqi Christian

It’s only personal experience but at school ... kidnapped for a ransom in 2007. I think it was for $30,000. They paid, and they got him back. He was shaken up a little bit. I don’t know which side too... read more

Commencement Address for Northeastern University's Class of 2013 by World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim

“Look,” he said, “once you finish your medical residency, you can do anything you ... as a candidate to lead the World Bank Group. Always with some trepidation, I embraced these completely unexpected ... read more

Opinion: U.S. must practice what it preaches as it judges others on human trafficking

and if we take a hard look at what the U.S. government is doing to fight domestic slavery - with resources that dwarf so many of the governments we critique each year - the honest conclusion is that i... read more

Three Teens, One an American. We are All Israelis

The victims are Yeshiva (Jewish study) high school students. One of the kidnapped ... we are all Israelis. What used to happen only to Jews or mainly to Israeli Jews (hijackings, suicide/homicide bomb... read more

Journey Into the Dark Web

“In the old days, if someone was kidnapped, they asked for ransom. Now ... You can take your ass on to Kohls.” With Tor and a VPN masking your IP address, you can then access what’s called the onion n... read more

Afghan road builder’s dream now a dead end

Once ... can be sidelined without security. Khan's ordeal also shows how risky it is for Afghans willing to take part in that effort, and how little help there is for them when things go wrong. "Multi... read more

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