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Things getting stormier for investment-grade bonds

Other than emerging market bonds, U.S. investment-grade debt has had the worst performance of any major sector of the fixed-income landscape so far this year. With the Federal Reserve Bank continuing ... read more

Reading The Signs: Investment Grade Bonds Present Warning And Opportunity

But since January, the average option-adjusted spread (OAS) for US investment grade bonds has risen 27%, while the OAS in the US high yield market is just 5% higher (Display). OAS measures the extra y... read more

5 Things You Didn't Know About the World's Biggest Bond Fund

Here are some things you may not know about ... are held in high-yielding “junk” bonds issued by companies that are considered less than “investment grade.” In the bond world, higher quality issuers c... read more

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Are We Heading for Simultaneous Stock and Bond Bear Markets?

Are simultaneous stock and bond bear ... Things to Consider Before Investing in Bonds] Diversification always wins. Investors may want to follow People's lead. "Given the length of the ongoing economi... read more

Key differences between high yield and investment-grade bonds

High yield and investment-grade ... bonds, all other fixed income carries default risk. The degree of risk depends on many factors. However, other things being equal, the higher the credit rating, the ... read more

Trading Bots Target Corporate Bonds: Will They Take Over the Bond Market Too?

A recent study by the Bank for International Settlements estimated that only 40% of investment-grade corporate bond ... They tend to do things like panic. If we can just get rid of flash crashes we ca... read more

Walking Towards And/Or Blindly Falling Off The Cliff

and get less (yield). If it sounds to you like a bad deal/trade-off - you're right! Let me spell it out very bluntly for you: Risk is not a factor in HY credits. Nevertheless, while high-yield bonds a... read more

Five explanations for Greece’s bond yield

It is rated nine notches below investment grade ... value of bonds today for €991. Let’s assume that you hold this bond for 18 months, and that at the end of that period the yield has dropped to Portu... read more

Why you shouldn't abandon bonds

Should I go ahead with my plan or should I stay away from bonds? --James, Washington I get your wariness about ... 4% or so in a broadly diversified investment-grade intermediate-term bond fund. It lo... read more

8 Things You Need to Know About Buying Bonds Now

For holders of bond funds, however, there is no such protection from market swings. Their value floats each day depending on the market prices of the fund's holdings, and that's what investors will ge... read more

Safeway LBO puts spotlight on need for bond protection

Investors are now looking for things like step-up ... Another problem is the fact that many bonds are trading well above 101, making the put right out of the money. Step-up coupons are hard to get in ... read more

Don't give in to bond market hysteria

Basically, they provide two things ... (i.e. junk) bond funds and emerging market bond funds offer the prospect of higher yields, but they can get hit harder too. What's more, they don't provide the s... read more

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