The humble spud has had a boujee makeover in these delicious dishes

With the UK's potato season now upon us, these three mouthwatering recipes by Emma Hatcher prove that the sweet potato is far from boring ... read more

Switch up your everyday breakfast with these delicious sandwiches from across the world

From the sweet comfort of classic peanut butter and jam sandwich to the ever favourite and fuss-free grilled cheese sandwich -- with bread, anything is possible ... read more

Urgent dessert recall: These 4 delicious desserts can make you very sick

Deskins Candies issued a product recall for several desserts made with Salmonella-contaminated JIF peanut butter part of a major recall. read more

The plantain gets a makeover in these two delicious recipes

Chef Adriana Urbina transforms the plantain into a delicious tortilla and vegan shredded "beef" dish. The post The plantain gets a makeover in these two delicious recipes appeared first on In The Know ... read more

Grapefruit is the star ingredient in these two delicious dishes

But on this episode of In The Know: Zero Waste Kitchen, chef Adriana Urbina (@adrianaurbinap) lets the grapefruit sing with delicious appetizer and main course recipes for endive, chicory, and ... read more

National Smoothie Day is June 21: Celebrate with these delicious deals

National Smoothie Day is Tuesday, June 21, 2022 — and nothing says summer quite like a refreshing smoothie. Check out the deals from these fast-food outlets. read more

The most delicious, TikTok-worthy iced coffee awaits you (at home) with the help of these viral products

In another viral TikTok video, you can learn exactly how to make a delicious Biscoff Cookie-flavored iced latte, saving you yet another visit to the ever-crowded Starbucks. Even though these videos ... read more

High-Protein Breakfast: Make These Delicious Paneer Pancakes For A Healthy Start To Your Day

Paneer lovers want to add paneer to almost everything! If you are someone like that, then this recipe is just for you ... read more

These handmade dog treats are doggone delicious

They’re dog food. Savage, 49, bakes small-batch, limited-ingredient dog treats out of her home here. She calls it a “bark-ery.” Savage sells her goodies under the name CityBones. It’s a side business ... read more

Guests Surprised You At Home? Make These 5 Delicious Veg Sandwiches In 30 Mins

Your guests shall be impressed by your culinary skills and you wouldn't need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. read more

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