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Theme 6: Trust Will Diminish Because The Internet Is Not Secure And Powerful Forces Threaten Individuals Rights - Latest News

Theme 4: Some say blockchain could help; some expect its value might be limited

Trust is embedded in many things that foster relationships and transactions. Money is the prime example of a trust-infused artifact. People exchange it for other things of value because ... Internet H... read more

Net Neutrality Nixed: Why John Oliver Is Wrong

Metro PCS offered unlimited YouTube in a budget data plan but not unlimited Hulu and Netflix, because ... without powerful regulators present and accounted for. Small-government folks are repulsed by ... read more

Breaking the Silence

This is not just a matter of showing support and solidarity. We are appealing to all who care about basic human rights to call on the government of Ecuador to continue defending the rights of a courag... read more

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A Short History of Banks and Democracy

I trust ... threaten states’ rights, render legislatures vulnerable to their designs and expose citizens to the unaccountable power of foreign interests. The solution was to deal with the ‘hydra of co... read more

Governance and the Future of the Arab World

6 Although the Saudi state ultimately used the issue of women’s rights (including ... for horizontal (not just vertical) gender parity within party lists. 8 The lack of alternative political forces is ... read more

Scientific Advocacy and Biases of the Ideological and Industry Kinds

Because whatever it is that they are against, is not the same as being for patients ... have hurled disdainful abuse at each other from separate mountain tops, secure in the knowledge that no strong e... read more

Hillary Stuns--Four Theories

But I'm confident that soon enough there will be so many powerful explanations for what now seems ... being and every American is equal to each other. One person is not more equal because of his net w... read more

About this canvassing of experts

You do not have to consider any of these. We have added them because we hope they might prompt ... Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Human R... read more

Earth May Be a 1-in-700-Quintillion Kind of Place

Ever since Copernicus put forth the theory that Earth is not the center of the universe, scientists have expanded the map of the cosmos and diminished our planet’s relative uniqueness. Current estimat... read more

The War Logs: Reaction to Disclosure of Military Documents on Afghan War

Because they’re not certain about where Afghanistan ... the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organizations which could put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk, and t... read more

Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton -- Day 17

In anticipation of your burden-lifting blessing, we place our trust in you ... We have done so because of our devotion to the rule of law and our fear that if the president does not suffer the legal a... read more

How to Beat a Manipulator

If you think you’re not, you’re in more danger of being hacked than someone ... and innovate in extraordinary ways unseen anywhere else in the animal kingdom. Because we learn by modeling, and we are ... read more

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