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The World Is Subtle… And Thats Why Its Beautiful - Latest News

The world is subtle… and that's why it's beautiful

Any time I post my political thoughts on this blog, inevitably someone in the comments or on Twitter will accuse me of being a far ... In reality, my own thinking on political and social issues is mor... read more

Why the iPad Is a Blank Slate, and Why That’s Important

The iPad is different in a subtle and special way ... (I’m sure we’ll soon see a bunch of stands and wall hangers that help display the iPad in its full glory.) Why buy a Kindle DX for $489 when $10 m... read more

The US Empire Is Acting Like A Desperate, Cornered Animal, Because That’s What It Is

Why are they overreaching with inherently absurd narratives about Russia and brazen lies about Syria instead of staying calm and playing more subtle ... will plunge the nation and its allies into a hu... read more

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‘Parks and Recreation’ Open Thread: Champion of the World

When this show was hitting its stride last season, it was doing really nice work across the character spectrum. And I’m not sure why it’s lost that touch ... put off the idea of taking a sabbatical. “ ... read more

The Difference Between a Good Movie and an Important One: The Butler

Whitaker's combination of humiliation and held-back dignity when Cecil is turned down for a raise is as subtle as it is masterful. And when The Butler forgoes serving up its contrived and ... Am I bei... read more

Ever thought a loved one was an imposter? That’s the Capgras delusion

Subtle differences in appearance ... than reflecting changes in the external world. Coupled with a tendency to jump to conclusions, this paves the way for an abnormal belief to develop, take hold, and ... read more

FiiO X1 II high resolution music player review

the FiiO X1 2nd Gen (X1 II) high-resolution music player. Why is the FiiO X1 II an answer? Many reasons, but the main one is price. The X1 II sells for $100 on Amazon—much less than most other DAPs. T... read more

Why job security won’t exist in the age of ‘superintelligence’ and that’s OK

Watson could easily find Jeopardy answers, Deep Blue managed to win a chess game against the reigning world champ (recent bug stories aside ... The “job security” phrase was at its peak between 1980 a... read more

To Catch A Liar : @1Password Edition

I think thats why I bothered ... the software vending world is that the subscription model pays, even if it costs you loyal customers on the road to increased profits and strengthens your competitors ... read more

Thomas Reardon and CTRL-Labs are building an API for the brain

Reardon explained why ... is at its heart about machine learning. We’re in an era in which every startup tries to have a slide in their deck that says something about ML, but most of them are a joke i... read more

Thousands march for gay rights in Japan's first 'Rainbow Week'

Thats how it is with LGBTs in Japan ... By marriage society is assured of its perpetuation and prosperity because posterity is born from married couples. That's why in any society in the world marriag... read more

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Complicates The Series’ Ending — And That’s a Good Thing

In its treatment of Harry Potter’s relationship to his younger son Albus Severus, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child reminds us that you can’t be the world’s savior without ... He’s an ass, but you und... read more

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