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The Walking Dead Scene Reveals Leadership In Ricks Absence - Latest News

‘The Walking Dead’ Showrunner Reveals Who Replaces Rick Grimes as Leader

Who will step up and replace Rick Grimes as leader once star Andrew Lincoln has made his exit from The Walking Dead? Everyone and no one ... Everybody just knows whenever you’re in a scene and you’re ... read more

‘Walking Dead’ star reveals how he kept death scene secret for a year

Warning: This article contains spoilers from “The Walking Dead” Season 7 premiere ... and filmed the pivotal scene just before last Thanksgiving — requiring him to keep the secret for nearly a year. “ ... read more

The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan reveals how Maggie and Rick's feud will play out in season 9

The Walking Dead left things ... Rhee appearing to plot against Rick Grimes. Based on the season 9 trailer, it's not just Rick's controversial decision to spare Negan that leads to Maggie feeling disi... read more

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‘Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus on Why Fans Shouldn’t Look to Daryl as a Leader in Season 9

As the juggernaut, zombie-filled series The Walking Dead ... Rick Grimes, is exiting the series after a tenure that began on day one. As Rick exits, will his right-hand man, Daryl Dixon, played by Nor... read more

‘The Walking Dead’ Review: “Strangers”

‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 brings to life its 2nd ... but Andrew Lincoln’s work with the character has taken Rick to a place of wary acceptance, not quite the burdened leadership of past seasons, but ... read more

THE WALKING DEAD Episode Recap: “Arrow on the Doorpost”

With only three episodes left in the third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead ... between the two leaders did reveal quite a bit more character from the Gov. He’s very adept at mind games and is charism... read more

'The Walking Dead': Writer Robert Kirkman talks about the latest episode, 'Cherokee Rose'

The big reveal at the end of the show was Lori’s pregnancy. Can you confirm, chronology-wise, that the father could be either Shane or Rick ... as far as his leadership goes. It was recently announced ... read more

The Walking Dead Watch: The Governor 2.0

Fans of The Walking Dead can probably be forgiven ... For a couple of scenes that’s how it played out, as he set up the gladiatorial bout between Merle and Daryl. But then, as Rick and company shot th... read more

New 'The Walking Dead' Theory Keeps Rick Alive Through All of Season 9

Though Andrew Lincoln wrapped up his production on The Walking Dead ... on to Rick's absence in the post-time jump "NOW" scenario. They might begin to expect Rick's death in Mid-Season Nine of Season ... read more

'Fear The Walking Dead' Boss Reveals The Show's Resident Daryl Dixon

One of the things we talked about was the fact that we don’t have two cops who know how to use firearms, and have some leadership skills already ... be the leader of the group? On "Walking Dead" it's ... read more

Did Rick Grimes survive his final ‘Walking Dead’ episode?

Sunday night marked Andrew Lincoln’s final episode of AMC juggernaut “The Walking ... Rick says, as he fires a bullet into dynamite on the bridge, blowing the zombie herd to smithereens—and presumably ... read more

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Comic-to-TV Comparison: “Strangers”

The group had earlier waffled on the idea, opting instead to follow Rick’s leadership ... though Dale would soon reveal the reason he’d snuck away from the group. Well, what did you think of ‘The Walk... read more

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