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The Sun Has No Influence On The Current Global Temperature Increase Study Says - Latest News

How Strongly Does the Sun Influence the Global Climate?

These scientific results therefore bring the influence of the Sun on the terrestrial climate, and in particular its contribution to the global warming of the 20th century, into the forefront of curren... read more

Study shines new light on Sun's role in Earth's climate

London, England (CNN)-- A new study has shed light on the sun's impact on the Earth's climate, confounding current ... to long-term global warming," she said, "and it has no bearing on what we underst... read more

Melting Ice Sheets Could Worsen Extreme Weather

They may also change the ocean’s circulation, alter global temperature patterns ... with simulations with no meltwater influx included. Meltwater from Greenland, they found, may substantially affect t... read more

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A global temperature conundrum: Cooling or warming climate?

"Data from observation says ... our current geological epoch, counter to a study published last year that described a period of global cooling before human influence. The scientists call this problem ... read more

Greenhouse Gases, Not Solar Activity, Cause of Global Warming

KATLENBURG-LINDAU, Germany, August 3, 2004 (ENS) - Solar activity ... no significant increase in their values. In contrast, the Earth has warmed up considerably within this time period. This means tha... read more

Amidst Global Warming Hysteria, NASA Expects Global Cooling

If current ... garner no media attention. The global average temperature numbers come out monthly. If they show a new hottest year on record, that's a big story. If they show a big increase ... read more

Is global warming really slowing down?

Ted Cruz, who recently declared that there has been “no ... the sun than is escaping back into space again — and that heat simply has to go somewhere. The question is where. When people think about gl... read more

The scientific argument against the Paris climate agreement

Since then, he has ... global temperature records in the late 19th century, there have been two periods of significant warming that are statistically indistinguishable in magnitude. The first period r... read more

Scientists rule out imminent sun induced cooling of climate

The prediction would be useful for planning satellite launches, estimating satellite mission lifetimes, the probability of solar storm damage and the Sun’s influence on global ... current sunspot cycl... read more

Cornell Prof, Lead Author of U.N. Climate Change Report Hopes for ‘More Constructive Dialogue’ Globally

Natalie Mahowald, Irving Porter Church Professor in Engineering, was chosen as a lead author by the U.N. out of around 1100 nominated candidates, she told The Sun. Over the past ... the impact of a a ... read more

Stanford Study Links Warming Temperatures to Higher Suicide Rates

“We find a very consistent relationship between temperature increases and increases in suicide risk,” Burke said, adding that the study findings in no way ... that could influence the data. The resear... read more

If the sun goes into 'hibernation,’ it won’t stop global warming

In that case, the negative forcing, relative to the mean solar irradiance is equivalent to seven years of CO2 increase at current ... study [PDF] concluded: Here we show that over the past 20 years, a... read more

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