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Karl Rove: The Architect

ANNOUNCER: It took 40 years, but he changed the political landscape. POLITICAL OBSERVER: Karl Rove came to town with one goal, and that was this massive Republican realignment. ANNOUNCER: How did he d... read more

Sam Tanenhaus: Is Conservatism Making a Comeback?

In November it will be ten years since his first major political defeat, the 2006 midterm disaster that gave the Democrats majorities in both the Senate and the House, halting the “ rolling realignmen... read more

Letter to the Editor: Troubled by realignment

Bush’s last chief of staff, barred Karl Rove, President Bush’s political adviser ... Barletta and tell them you are troubled by the realignment at the National Security Council. read more

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The Rove Realignment

Who could have guessed that eight years later, the senator from Arizona would be dedicating the remainder of his political life to finishing Karl Rove's good works on Earth? And yet, as McCain runs ar... read more

Karl Rove's Dying Dream

Karl Rove's dream is dying. This is happening for reasons that ... His extremism is undermining Rove's realignment. The problem has become clear with Bush's difficulties in filling Sandra Day O'Connor ... read more

Rove's Blind Spot

In the wake of Bush's 2004 reelection, Green reports, Rove, newly promoted by Bush to domestic policy czar, concluded that the time for this realignment had come. Green documents Rove's mistakes as he ... read more

Democratic realignment in the making if Republicans don't adapt

Rove astutely sensed a McKinleyesque realignment on the horizon, but he never saw an Obama at its vanguard. So I for one am willing to cut Rove some slack, for it’s sad to see dreams crushed. Gyory is ... read more

Trump’s Working Class, Conservative, Populist Realignment

What emerges from these numbers and the Zito-Todd analysis is a strong suggestion that America is split down the middle, and a political realignment may be in the ... including by Republicans such as ... read more

Realignment, Now More than Ever

The next best thing to a permanent majority. KARL ROVE SAID LAST YEAR that the question of realignment--whether Republicans have at last become the majority party--would be decided by the election of ... read more

Four More Years Attributed to Rove's Strategy

We saw it in 2002, and we saw it again this year. . . . It tells me we may be seeing part of a rolling realignment." Bush's victory is likely to enlarge the myth of Rove, with all its layers and compl... read more

Spinner Emeritus

Karl Rove has always loved his role as White House historian ... Rove has a lot to explain: why his dream of a GOP realignment never happened (or hasn't happened yet), why he isn't responsible for mak... read more

1896 and All That

That election is famous for the political realignment it created and the 36-year Republican era that followed. But Rove achieves something new. He elevates McKinley's status to that When political str... read more

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