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The Opm Hack Explained: Bad Security Practices Meet Chinas Captain America - Latest News

A Partial But Significant U.S.-China Trade Deal Is Likely In The Near Future

That is not to say that the government of China are namby-pamby do-gooders. They are not. They pursue what they believe are China's best interests. They hack ... it's bad for America." Kristen Hopewel... read more

Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence

Key among the findings of the independent forensic investigations is the conclusion that the DNC data was copied onto a storage device at a speed that far exceeds an Internet capability for a remote h... read more

Canada to boost nuclear power to help meet climate target

Canada, the second largest producer of uranium, will boost its reliance on nuclear energy to reduce its carbon footprint and will encourage other nations to do the same, public broadcaster CBC said Th... read more

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China’s Military Built with Cloned Weapons

Historically, China has been a great innovator contributing inventions ... as “Shanzhai” indicates that they recognize the dubious nature of the current practice. The term “Shanzhai” translates to “mo... read more

Riverside Cop Tricks Autistic Teen into Buying Pot

"We felt like our family was totally violated by the sheriff's department and the school district," says Doug and Catherine Snodgrass of Temecula, California. Last December their 17-year-old autistic ... read more

13 Cars for the McCains--and not all American

"We need a president who's committed to rebuilding the auto industry in America, not a president who buys foreign cars and then falsifies the truth when he thinks auto workers aren't watching," he sai... read more

The “X” Is for Experimental

When I began my career, in physics, most technology of consequence originated in America, and much of that was ... us invite vetted hackers to test our digital security under a pilot program called Ha... read more

“Good Enough” Tanks Won WWII

This has been denied, explained away and hushed up, but the men who are fighting our tanks against much heavier, better armored and more powerfully gunned German monsters know the truth. It is high ti... read more

Opel To Dealers: Stop Selling The Ampera-E, We Have Too Many Orders

The Opel Ampera-e (aka the Chevrolet Bolt EV in North America) is one of the best electric vehicle values to be found on the European market today … but the availability of the inexpensive, long range ... read more

Why prostitution should be legal

By Ronald Weitzer – Special to CNN Prostitution is in the news because it is legal in Colombia, where U.S. Secret Service and military personnel have been implicated ... In my book, I advocate about 3... read more

WPost’s New ‘Fake News’ on Russian ‘Hack’

Exclusive: The Washington Post’s latest folly – falsely reporting a Russian “hack” into Vermont’s electric grid ... taken seriously and metastasized through the body politic of America and beyond. Thi... read more

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