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The Nature Of Science: Scientist Photographer Defines Why Little Things Are A Big Deal - Latest News

Q&A with Daniel Sarewitz: What is the role of science in a post-normal world?

And this is why it is much easier to deal ... of science as this thing that gives us perfect truth. They all know it’s not true, but it’s a convenient kind of myth. A little more honesty about the nat... read more

“Is Psychology Science?” Is The Wrong Question

All attempts to prescribe (or even describe) a single ‘scientific method’, or a list of criteria for being science, have failed. Scientists don’t find them useful in practice. scientists study things ... read more

Why we need to figure out a theory of consciousness

Understanding the biology behind consciousness (or self-awareness) is considered by some to be the final frontier of science. And over the last decade, a fledgling community of "consciousness scientis... read more

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What do physicists mean when they talk about nothing?

Philosophers have debated the nature of "nothing" for thousands of years, but what has modern science ... of light – things can be "re-scaled," so that after this huge dilution, space becomes in a sen... read more

An Alien Hunter on the Risks and Rewards of Landing on Europa

On Friday, February 10th, NASA announced that a team of 21 scientists had delivered their first report on a lander mission to explore the possibility of life on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. The NASA-emp... read more

The strange science of self

Philosophers continue to debate whether or not the 'self' exists while scientists attempt to define the seemingly indefinable. 'There are a couple of things that neuroscientists ... philosophical unde... read more

Your questions answered on artificial intelligence

Most AI researchers (including me) see little or no evidence of it coming anytime soon ... Rob Sparrow, Professor of Philosophy A number of engineers, computer scientists, and science fiction authors ... read more

Why Science Will Never Know Everything About Our Universe (Synopsis)

The discovery of distant galaxies and their redshifts led to expanding Universe, which led to the Big Bang and the discovery of very ... this information may forever be inaccessible to us, as the natu... read more

By 2100, Earth Will Have an Entirely Different Ocean

Which is why it's worth taking a look at the changes reshaping the body of water that defines our planet ... By combing through the most recent science and reaching out to oceanographers and climate s... read more

When Pets Change the Family Dynamic

The nature of individual human-pet relationships varies widely, and only now are scientists ... help explain why this overall effect can be so comforting in some families, and a source of tension in o... read more

Impeach Donald Trump

Trump has evinced little ... of nature—and our way of studying it. Science is sometimes caricatured as a wholly objective pursuit that allows us to understand the world through the lens of neutral emp... read more

The Science of Why We Deny Science: Motivated Reasoning

Over at Mother Jones, I have a major feature story that just went up about the psychology of science denial–and, indeed, denial in general. In it, I unpack a theory called “motivated reasoning ... fee... read more

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