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The Lefts Bad Ideas About Science Are More Harmful Than The Rights - Latest News

The Left's Bad Ideas About Science Are More Harmful Than the Right's

By contrast, the left's bad ideas about science do more harm ... The fear makes little scientific sense. There is no reason to think that precise changes in a plant's genes are more dangerous than, sa... read more

The Dangers of Illiberal Liberalism

Margaret Atwood’s thoughtful article, “Am I a Bad Feminist ... It tells us far more about the smug, closed-minded certainty of illiberal liberals than those they look down on. In fact, liberals will o... read more

‘Teens get a bad rap’: the neuroscientist championing moody adolescents

Our ignorance inspired her to write Inventing Ourselves, a fascinating book that explains the science of everything from ... “Teenagers get a really bad rap and we mock them and demonise them more tha... read more

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What's the Most Dangerous Over-the-Counter Drug?

Critics pointed out that many over-the-counter drugs are far more dangerous than emergency contraceptives ... and whether they take the pill in conjunction with alcohol. (Bad idea.) Compared to other ... read more

A gay conservative thinks that banning conversion therapy harms LGBTQ youth

What’s more, they have the veneer of the medical profession to cloak their actions, making the harm worse. People can disagree on topics in good faith. But it’s hard to buy an argument that banning co... read more

The Nastiest Feud in Science

For more than ... idea. You wait for them to die,” jokes Courtillot, the volcanism advocate, paraphrasing Max Planck. Smit agrees: “You just have to let them get extinct.” Ultimately, consensus may be ... read more

“Socialism” vs. “capitalism” is a false dichotomy

According to Gallup, Democrats now view socialism in a more positive light than capitalism ... The Big Idea is Vox’s home for smart discussion of the most important issues and ideas in politics, scien... read more

The Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain

Giving up a 20 percent return on investment is a bad move—which is easy to recognize when the ... Availability bias makes us think that, say, traveling by plane is more dangerous than traveling by car ... read more

The real reason for the left's double standard on hate speech

If I'm a hate-filled propogandist spreading dangerous lies, is it wrong for you to mark me and marginalize me? Of course, there are double standards on all sides of the debate, on the right as well as ... read more

What Today’s Socialists Can Learn From the 1970s New Communist Movement

Politics is addition — you need to get more people on ... anything that is less than their total vision of what a revolutionary socialist program would be, are self-defeating. Because you never break ... read more

Sex, Drugs and Self-Control

There are also bragging rights to be earned. “It’s just something you can say: ‘Yeah, I’ve been in an abandoned quarry’,” says McCallum-Toppin. “You can talk about it with your friends.” Science ... d... read more

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