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The Lefts Bad Ideas About Science Are More Harmful Than The Rights - Latest News

The Left's Bad Ideas About Science Are More Harmful Than the Right's

By contrast, the left's bad ideas about science do more harm ... The fear makes little scientific sense. There is no reason to think that precise changes in a plant's genes are more dangerous than, sa... read more

Catch-and-release fishing might actually be doing more harm than good

A subsequent study could shed more light on the overall impact on survivability of fish with hook injuries, but the fact that such wounds makes it significantly more difficult to eat suggests that the ... read more

Fox’s The Passage is a terrific show about terrible ideas

The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but in Fox’s new show The Passage, which premieres on January 14th, the road to the end of the world is paved with bad ideas ... vampires might be e... read more

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Here’s Why DNA Testing Your Dog May Be A Bad Idea

The recent explosion of popularity in genetic testing kits for dogs has grown more rapidly than the science ... your pet’s DNA is not inherently dangerous. It can even be a fun thing to do ... read more

The rise of truthiness on the political left

More than a decade later, it’s the left that has entrenched itself thoroughly ... Otherwise, I think they become guilty of a deep hypocrisy which is dangerous to their future political prospects. read more

Kamala Harris' candidacy requires a nuanced debate about her record, race and gender. Is the left ready?

And so Harris’s candidacy— more than that of any other candidate in the ... All of her decisions, good and bad, are worth discussing and debating. For many on the left, Harris’s decisions as a prosecu... read more

The Most Dangerous Idea in the World

Daniel Dennett, a prominent New Atheist and philosopher of science, aptly named one of his tomes on evolution Darwin’s Dangerous Idea ... but it would mean significantly more. Transhumanism, more than ... read more

The New Category That Could Save the Oscars

Too bad the Academy keeps ignoring his pleas. “Dealing with the Academy has been more dangerous for me than any stunt I’ve done, because I have no idea which way this is ... honor the role that scienc... read more

The Real Roots of American Rage

“When something’s bad for us, we usually get rid of it through evolution ... Moral outrage must be closely managed, or it can do more harm than good. The march did not succeed in extracting every conc... read more

These 5 people changed their minds about nuclear power. Are you next?

“It was the ultimate environmental evil, perhaps more so than ... bad idea,” he said. “We take for granted that there are certain lines climate policy shouldn’t cross.” Leigh Phillips ... read more

Andrew Breitbart Was Right About the Media

Even more, they hate the voters ... and used at the behest of the Left to harm those who disagree ideologically. They’re right that individual rights are getting lost in the corporate and ... read more

The Daily 202: Davos is in decline as elites fail to tackle the globe’s biggest problems

THE BIG IDEA: “America is open for ... payer health program projected to cost more than $30 trillion, as well as tax benefits that would significantly reduce federal revenue. … But some critics on the ... read more

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