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The Lefts Bad Ideas About Science Are More Harmful Than The Rights - Latest News

The Left's Bad Ideas About Science Are More Harmful Than the Right's

By contrast, the left's bad ideas about science do more harm ... The fear makes little scientific sense. There is no reason to think that precise changes in a plant's genes are more dangerous than, sa... read more

Left's new talking point: The Electoral College is racist

It is a dangerous storm, more dangerous than a lot of us realized ... Consider the question of angry Left-wing mobs. They seem to be everywhere all of a sudden in this formerly placid country. They're ... read more

NPR: How Do We Talk to the Dangerous Idiots Who Disagree With Us?

That the entire segment presupposed that the panelists are so much smarter, wiser, more virtuous than skeptics ... there's going to be a really bad end. Environmental science majors a year ... read more

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Space the Nation: Katie Mack, the mansplainer slayer, on getting science right

I got into astrophysics really more through physics than through astronomy ... extremely expensive and super super dangerous and nobody should wear them at all. Flying cars are also a terrible idea. I... read more

The Most Dangerous Idea in the World

Daniel Dennett, a prominent New Atheist and philosopher of science, aptly named one of his tomes on evolution Darwin’s Dangerous Idea ... but it would mean significantly more. Transhumanism, more than ... read more

Column: Men are no more at risk now than before

Fox journalist Jeanine Pirro believes the left is setting a new ... can cut off fundamental human rights” for men. Haven’t women suffered these same injustices for years? The world is no more dangerou... read more

Letters: “The Term ‘Political Correctness’ Primes People to Respond Negatively”

the study simply answers the question of whether people’s personal ideas of what PC culture ... is polarized between two equally dangerous and disturbing ends of the political spectrum I refer to the ... read more

What’s the Most Dangerous Over-the-Counter Drug?

Critics pointed out that many over-the-counter drugs are far more dangerous than emergency contraceptives ... and whether they take the pill in conjunction with alcohol. (Bad idea.) Compared to other ... read more

The Great Recession was awful. And we don’t have a plan to stop the next one.

And though the most recent global downturn largely spared the world’s poorest people, that was much more a matter of good luck than ... harmful to the world’s most vulnerable people. The core problem ... read more

Migrants seeking safe harbor in the U.S. must first survive shootouts and shakedowns in Mexico

6 to the Calero family — shot up by more than 400 percent ... that he’d already contracted a dangerous infection — though the yellow pus pooling in his leg wound hinted at trouble. Grisber Calero, a c... read more

West Texas is being engulfed in the oil boom, and it's struggling with an onslaught of problems

US refineries built for heavier varieties of oil than the ... will imperil even more people without "deep emissions reductions." "Climate change exacerbates the risks we already face," said Katharine ... read more

Suspended Animation in the Age of Trump

Many of their objections were highly technical—and I would never pass myself off as someone with an expert’s grasp of computer science ... more than a day, a Category 1 storm became a “worst-case scen... read more

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