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The Hills Syria Whip List: Obama Seeks To Turn Tide With House Public Video - Latest News

The Hill's Syria Whip List: Obama seeks to turn tide with House, public (video)

Several polls show more voters oppose intervening in Syria than support a strike, even if it is to punish that country for the use of chemical weapons. Obama is trying to turn around public ... House ... read more

What Life Is Like in a Village with No Children

He still wakes at dawn to haul wood up the steep hills ... house is dark and silent, he listens for the spirits that walk in the valley. He has no wife or children. A few relatives in the city, but th... read more

George Bush looks cornered and hunched, a small figure who has failed to grow into his job and instead seems to be trying to shrink out of it

You can plaster the hills of Afghanistan with ... American power is not at its high tide, but it is still a great restraint on the ambitions of unlovely tyrants everywhere who would like to see the Wh... read more

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Swollen rivers begin falling across Northeast

Don Fielder, a house painter in Gaysville ... garbage bins on higher ground so debris wouldn't be floating in the high water. President Barack Obama planned to travel to the northern New Jersey town o... read more

The FBI Hand Behind Russia-gate

After months of breathless searching for “evidence” of Russian-Trump collusion designed to put Trump in the White House, what now exists is actual evidence that senior officials of the Obama administr... read more

Open the Borders—to Trade and to People!

President Obama supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership ... And Hillary Clinton, who supported the deal while she served as secretary of state, is now hedging as she seeks her party’s presidential nomi... read more

White House asks for brutal planetary NASA budget cuts

The White House has released its Presidential budget request for fiscal ... as well as garnered enthusiastic public support. No other country has been able to do as well getting to Mars as we have. Of ... read more

Desperate Abbott struggles to maintain control

Bombing Syria, cutting taxes, and dumping Joe Hockey as Treasurer ... And since the non-leadership spill in February, the Prime Minister has in turn become increasingly anxious about their anxiety. Th... read more

Philip Hammond compares Iraqi Kurdistan fighting against ISIS to SCOTLAND

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond today compared Iraq's war-ravaged Kurdish breakaway region fighting ISIS – to Scotland ... Amid growing concern that Iraqi forces are unable to turn the tide on jihadi... read more

Insight: Capitol Chat / Author Vanessa Hua / California Craft Beer Summit / Poly Varghese And Jay Nair Perform

Extreme wait times and revelations about incorrect information in voter registrations continue to plague the Department of Motor Vehicles, while California District Attorneys urge the governor to veto ... read more

How much retirement savings do you really need?

With the recession and a staggering number of people out of work, saving for retirement can seem like a daunting task. But putting away money for your golden years is essential to leading a happy and ... read more

25,000 New Testament Manuscripts? Big Deal.

The scholarly analysis for whether some of these passages are authentic or not turn on just a few manuscripts, and this chart shows why. The vast majority of the manuscripts, from perhaps the sixth ce... read more

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