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The Hero Myth: Why Expecting Kids To Fight Bullies Is Harmful - Latest News

The Hero Myth: Why Expecting Kids To Fight Bullies Is Harmful

In the movies when someone stands up to the bully, we cheer. We cheer Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" as he pummels the school bully, sending the boy running away crying. We applaud for Daniel in ... read more

Why Science Can’t Replace Religion

Myths about the Hero Twins, one of whom is shown holding a bow here ... Scientists who prefer a strictly rationalist lens have a hard time accepting this. I can understand why many of them strongly fe... read more

My View: Common myths about home-schooled kids

One big question that needs to be answered is "Why do I want to home school my child?" Among the reasons some parents choose to home-school are: Dissatisfaction with traditional schools, religious bel... read more

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You're Getting Slytherin All Wrong: 6 Myths About Harry Potter's Misunderstood House

The kids who won't fight in the Battle of Hogwarts ... bro? AKA "one of the great heroes of the series," as Granger refers to him? In fact, according to Granger, the misconception that Slytherin house ... read more

Fright Fest: The Science Behind Why We Love to Be Scared

This is why his ... involved in fight-or-flight. The core disgusts are especially effective at flipping the switch on. The authors theorize that there is an evolutionary bias toward disgust, because i... read more

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong

Keeping weight off means fighting your body’s energy-regulation system ... These biological breadcrumbs help explain why stigma begins so early. Kids as young as 3 describe their larger classmates wit... read more

Did “Cosmos” Pick the Wrong Hero?

But if the Earth is in motion, then there is no reason why space could not be open and unbounded. Digges made this point explicit and even created a drawing showing, for the first time in history, how ... read more

Among the “Lost” Men: Statistics, Toxic Cosmology, and Empathetic Exhaustion

Why? I’ve been battling trolls ... They also know like attracts like, and worry about retaliation. Bullies don’t like to be bullied, after all. Yes, it’s demoralizing to see so many men wallowing in a ... read more

How to Fight Poverty--and Win

You are an icon and a hero, and it's been a true honor ... It's not great to be temporarily poor, but it's not terribly harmful, either. Our task, then, is to help the children of the poor find their ... read more

Britain’s Boarding School Problem

They develop loyalty to their institutional tribe and suspicion of outsiders; they become bullies devoted to winning above all ... ideology bred in the public schools is mostly vainglorious myth. The ... read more

My View: Advice to a new teacher

New teachers often get trapped in a struggle with kids over supplies: where they are, why they didn’t bring them to class ... we mistakenly make having supplies a hill we choose to fight for and die o... read more

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