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Northeast Ohio dentist believes future of dentistry includes no needles, no drills

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - “There’s no doubt." That is how certain Chagrin Falls dentist Ryan Slaten is that the future of dentistry includes no needles, no drills. Dentophobia, the fear of dentists, is ... read more

Enamel biomimetics—fiction or future of dentistry

Tooth enamel is a complex mineralized tissue consisting of long and parallel apatite crystals configured into decussating enamel rods. In recent years, multiple approaches have been introduced to ... read more

The future of dentistry: new challenges, new directions

The challenge to our profession today is to improve the quality of oral health while overcoming both extrinsic and intrinsic factors which may adversely affect our progress toward this goal. The ... read more

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Oct. 10, 1945: The future of dentistry

Human teeth are breaking down. More people have decayed teeth today than 10 years ago. But dental scientists are on the verge of discoveries which may halt the destruction and give the next generation ... read more

The future of dentistry is unconventional

August 8, 2018-- Up until now, dentistry has been conventional. However, dentistry in the future may be quite different from dentistry in the past. I see dentistry broadening and deepening its ... read more

Future of dentistry lies in artificial intelligence

A low MMSE score (Mini-Mental State Examination) - a method used to indicate cognitive impairment - represented a risk factor in terms of losing teeth. By Dr. Dheeraj Setia, Founder, The Dental Roots ... read more

Future of Dentistry Brings Smiles To Food Pantry

A release from the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry: Future of Dentistry, which is located at 968 Main Street, recently donated approximately 100 toothbrushes, 50 mini-tubes of toothpaste, 50 lip ... read more

The patient-dentist relationship and the future of dentistry

The patient-dentist relationship is a delicate partnership that forms the core of dentistry. The attack on this partnership by the General Dental Council has led to gross miscarriages of justice and ... read more

Ask an Expert: Future of dentistry

From a tooth in a day to 3-D printing, Periodontist Dr. Bobby Birdi explains what the future of dentistry holds.