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The Early Warning Signs Of A Termite Infestation - Latest News

The Early Warning Signs of a Termite Infestation

No one wants their home to become termite food. Getting rid of termites and repairing the damage are stressful and expensive, so one of the best things to protect your property is find them before the... read more

Wings, tunnels can be signs of subterranean termites

"But often, evidence of a termite infestation is not apparent to the untrained eye." During an annual visit, a termite professional will look for all warning signs of termites, including wings that ha... read more

CORRECTING and REPLACING GRAPHIC Terminix Releases Top 25 Termite Cities List

The top 25 cities for termite infestations in the United States are ... it’s important to be aware of early warning signs for termites before damage becomes significant.” Depending on the species, ter... read more

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How to Tell if You Have Termites

There are a few distinctive warning signs ... call a termite expert immediately. An established termite colony can eat a pound of wood a day -- every day -- so it pays to call in a pro soon after you ... read more

Inspect often for signs of termites

Termites are some of ... an inch long and are usually active in early spring. Both the queens and kings go through the swarming process as they leave old colonies to form new ones. As mentioned earlie... read more

Pittsburgh A Termite-Troubled City, Terminix Says

PITTSBURGH, PA - Here's a fact that might bug you: Pittsburgh again is among the cities with the highest rates of termite infestation ... it's important to be aware of early warning signs for termites ... read more

Look for signs of termites

A termite problem can crawl up on a homeowner unexpectedly, but one exterminator says there are early warning signs people should keep an eye out for. “The mud or dirt trails are the biggest clue that ... read more

How To Get Bugs Out Of Your Termite Warranty

Signs of termites Most homeowners don't give termites much thought until they see the telltale signs of infestation: a scattering of narrow, transparent wings on a windowsill in early spring when term... read more

Termite swarming season is May through June

Formosan subterranean termites swarm from dusk through early morning and are attracted to lights ... Homeowners should inspect frequently for three signs of termite infestation – swarmers (termites wi... read more

7 Early Warning Signs of Bad Bed Bugs Exterminators

Handling an infestation will require a great deal of time and work ... Dealing with other house pests is not the same. The methods that benefit termites or cockroaches do not work for bed pests. 4. Wo... read more

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