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The debate on the fungibility of Bitcoin

For several months, the small world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain experts have been discussing the fungibility of Bitcoin. The debates are quite passionate. But why are we wondering about the fun... read more

Winklevoss Twins: Bitcoin Needs Regulation so Investors Don’t Get Burned

The conversation also touched on Bitcoin’s “digital gold” debate. Cameron claimed that the divisibility and fungibility of the largest cryptocurrency mean that it will overtake gold as a ... read more

Is Bitcoin Headed for a Break in Fungibility?

Is bitcoin headed for a break in fungibility? The debate about whether Bitcoin is fit to be a currency rather than a payment layer between currencies is as alive as it has ever been. Many of these ten... read more

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Opposing Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV Factions’ Debates Grow Heated as the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Draws Closer

The new hard fork scheduled for November 15 has served as another splash of fuel into the bonfire of the ideological debate ... Improving fungibility. With “Adjustable Blocksize Cap” as the faction’s ... read more

What Is A Bitcoin Worth?

Thus, any investment in Bitcoin should not be made on the merits of the blockchain alone. Cryptocurrencies will be the money of the future. Their advantages over fiat and non-fiat counterparts are num... read more

There is more demand for peer-to-peer cash than digital gold – Vinny Lingham

The debate between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash advocates has raged since the ... Bitcoin Cash is designed to function as a substitute, and possible replacement, for cash – offering fungibility and securi... read more

Bitcoin faces a crossroads, needs an effective decision-making process

Joint post with Andrew Miller. Virtually unknown outside the Bitcoin community, a debate is raging about whether or not to increase the maximum size of Bitcoin blocks. Blocks are created in Bitcoin ro... read more

Bitcoin’s Attack Vectors: Fungibility

For the most part, you could make a strong case for Bitcoin satisfying the last four (there’s some debate on what’s meant by intrinsic value, but that’s for another article). In this piece, we’ll disc... read more

BCH Roundup: Millions of Merchants, More Tokens, and Clashing Visions

and improving fungibility. The team has also published a diagram that explains in a visual way some of the suggested plans and features they believe “would make a solid roadmap for Bitcoin Cash.” The ... read more

Jon Matonis: Bitcoin Needs Its Own Version of LIBOR

Cointelegraph spoke to Jon Matonis on increasing the 21 million bitcoin cap, the importance of fungibility and privacy for Bitcoin ... This is why his recent tweets regarding Bitcoin and the block siz... read more

Does BIP 75 Really Threaten Bitcoin’s Fungibility?

“My view was that AML and KYC compliance is going to be required if we want to get to the mass market and we need to ensure it is done in a way that fundamentally protects fungibility ... The BIP 75 d... read more

Bitcoin: The Convergence Of Technology And Money

Bitcoin is the convergence of technology and "money" Bitcoin is following an adoption "S curve ... Today we ascribe value to the wisdom of a handful of central bankers. The debate over Bitcoin’s value ... read more

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